About the Department

Sociology is a valuable liberal arts major for students planning careers in a wide variety of fields including public administration, demography, social psychology, guidance and counseling, gerontology, education, rehabilitation, social work, market research, foreign service, business, community planning, architecture, politics and law.  Similarly, criminal justice studies can provide a foundation for careers in criminology, law and law enforcement, rehabilitation, research, and security among others. Check out this New York Times article, What if Sociologists Had as Much Influence as Economists?

Exposure to social theory, method and analysis provides majors in both areas who want to pursue graduate work with a strong academic background. Sociology is a STEM discipline.

Sociology was first offered at the University of Arkansas began in 1922, with the Department being established and recognized as a major by 1947.  Criminal Justice (formerly Law Enforcement) was partnered with Sociology at UA in 1982.

Anna Zajicek, Ph.D.
Chair of the Department
211 Old Main