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Shauna Morimoto - Vice-Chair & Director of Graduate Studies

Director of Graduate Studies

Lori Holyfield - Undergraduate Program Director

Undergraduate Program Director

Mindy Sue Engen - Director of Online Education

Director of Online Education


Christopher Shields - Internship Director

Internship Coordinator


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People Spotlight

Megan Handley - ALUMNI
BA and MA in Sociology | 2015 | Project Director for a Grant Housed in the Health, Human Performance, and Recreation Department at the University of Arkansas
"The faculty in the Sociology and Criminology department were outstanding. I was fortunate to receive excellent mentoring while obtaining my BA, and decided to stay for my MA to build on those relationships. My education in the MA Sociology Program is the reason that I am doing what I do today. It provided me with the research experience that is required for my current position."
Casey T. Harris, Ph.D. - FACULTY
Associate Professor | Co-Director, Center for Social Research
"I actually started off as an aerospace engineer at Texas A&M, but couldn’t stand the prospect of sitting behind a computer designing rivets and bolts for years on end.  I ended up taking a social problems course my sophomore year and fell in love with the idea of studying people.  I was lucky enough to have a handful of faculty mentors who were really interested in teaching undergraduate students how to actually do research and my math background naturally fit
Hannah Steinman - GRADUATE  STUDENT
Hannah Steinman - GRADUATE  STUDENT
Major: MA in Criminology
Her research interests include crime and victimization in a built environment and better understanding an environments influence within a geo-spatial context. Her undergraduate study was in criminal justice/ sociology and Arabic. Her undergraduate research looked at data driven approaches to crime and traffic safety. She plans to pursue a PhD after completing the M.A. program.
Major: Criminology and Sociology  
Minor: Legal Studies
"I have always had a passion for the Criminal Justice system, though when I entered college I was unsure of which major to pursue. After taking Intro to Criminal Justice, I was hooked (Additionally, I have a minor in Legal Studies)! I recently added Sociology as a major also! I am pumped for an exciting career that will make a difference"


"Harnessing science to engage the social world"


To produce and share scientific knowledge, prepare students for success in diverse social environments and promote positive social change by informing policy and practice.


By 2025, we will become a regional leader in research, and the attraction and retention of outstanding, diverse Sociology & Criminology students and faculty. 



Student Success

Student Success

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Contributions to policy and practice

Collaboration and Transparency
Commitment to Common Good
 Commitment to Common Good


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