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Don Willis

Don Willis, Ph.D.

MA in Sociology | 2013
Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock
I was a sociology major as an undergraduate and knew that I was interested in this field. The University of Arkansas Sociology Department stood out to me as a program where I would have a lot of opportunities to get engaged with applied sociological research that impacted the surrounding community.
Hayden Lucas MA STUDENT Criminology

Hayden Lucas

Hayden is a first year Graduate/Teaching Assistant pursuing a Master’s in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology. He received his B.A. in Criminology, and a minor in Sociology, at the University of Arkansas. His research focuses primarily on criminal law, specifically police policy and restorative justice.  For two and a half years of his undergraduate career, Hayden interned at a private Criminal Defense Law firm.
Rebecca Mader

Rebecca Mader

Double Major in
Criminal Justice &Sociology
My favorite course so far has been Criminal Law and Society, taught by Dr. Shields. I found this class extremely engaging and I looked forward to going to it every day.
I spent this past spring semester studying abroad in Berlin, Germany, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
Mindy Sue Engen Director of Online Education Professor

Mindy Sue Engen

 I'm living proof that quality public education, social programs, and access to affordable higher education changes lives.  My work is driven by my commitment to informed policy and practice. I want to help communities improve the circumstances in which people are situated and increase the availability and attractiveness of prosocial opportunities.