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The Indigenous history of the land the University of Arkansas campus sits on goes back to time immemorial, and across that expanse of time, many successive groups have lived here and created sacred legacies in this area. Fulbright College acknowledges Indigenous peoples were forced to leave their ancestral lands, including the Osage, Caddo and Quapaw Nations with ties to Northwest Arkansas. We further recognize that a portion of the Trail of Tears runs through our campus, and that the Cherokee, Choctaw, Muscogee (Creek), Chickasaw and Seminole Nations passed through what is now Arkansas during this forced removal. We acknowledge all Indigenous teachers, researchers and all other residents in our community and region today. We proudly offer Indigenous Studies in our college and seek continuity and connection to the past as we look to the future with increased collaboration with Indigenous governments and entities.

We say to the Citizens of Indigenous Nations: We see you and we thank you.

The J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences Mission  Link ->


Lori Holyfield Vice-Chair Undergraduate Program Director
Undergraduate Program Director
Casey Taggart Harris Director of Graduate Studies
Director of Graduate Studies
Mindy Sue Engen Director of Online Education
Director of Online Education


Christopher Shields Internship Coordinator
Internship Coordinator



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Aaron Arredondo

Aaron Arredondo

MA in Sociology | 2015
Doctoral Student, University of Missouri
"Upon graduating with my master’s in sociology from UA, I went directly into the sociology PhD program at the University of Missouri. At MU, I have been able to further develop the line of research I established at UA. This has enabled me to present my work at the ASA, publish book reviews on topics within my expertise, serve as reviewer for a journal, and transform my MA thesis into a peer-reviewed journal article."
Vianny Nolasco MA STUDENT in Sociology

Vianny Nolasco

"Vianny is a Master’s student in sociology and graduate assistant. She received her B.A. in sociology from the University of Arkansas. Her research interests primarily lie in how race and gender effects lived realities. Her Areas of Interest are Race, Gender and Social Inequalities.
During her undergraduate studies, Vianny played violin with the University of Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. In her free time, she likes to play piano, draw, and walk her dogs."
Triston Gill

Triston Gill

"I chose to study Criminology because I intend on becoming an attorney and felt that Criminology would provide me with a solid foundation for the work that I will be doing in the future. In addition, I find the material and areas of study within my major to be very fascinating, especially on the research side. I plan on graduating and attending Law School at the University of Arkansas. I intend on interning at a law firm while I earn my JD and I plan on making a career out of practicing law in Northwest Arkansas. "
Lori Holyfield

Lori Holyfield

Undergraduate Program Director
"I enjoy teaching a lot of different classes but my favorites are Sociology of Culture and General Sociology. Understanding how structural conditions shapes our lives, helped me to have more empathy for others.  It also empowered me to see that we have more agency than we think! Currently I am looking into  Collective memory and the role Civil War memory brokers -- groups that have a stake in how we remember our past.   "


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  • Spring 2020 Newsletter
  • Departmental Strategic Plan
  • MA in Sociology Poster
  • Data Snapshot
    • Failed and Foiled Islamic Terrorist Plots Targeting Military Personnel in the United States Since 9/11 Link ->
  • Data Snapshot
    • Less than Half of Racially-Motivated Homicides Result in Official Hate Crime Charges Link->
  • Datasets Available to Sociology and Criminology Graduate Students and Faculty Link ->

  • The Bias Homicide Database (BHDB)

    • The Bias Homicide Database (BHDB) is an open-source, relational database housed in the Terrorism Research Center (TRC). BHDB data include information on incident, victim, and offender attributes of bias homicides in the United States from 1990 to 2019. Students in the TRC contribute to the Bias Homicide Database (BHDB), an open-source, relational database containing information on bias homicides from 1990 - 2019.   Link ->