Criminal Justice Internships

There are a number of possibilities.  In the past our students have had internships at the following Criminal Justice related agencies:

Law Enforcement Internships

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Honors Program - Washington, D.C.
    Click here to go to the FBI internship website     
  • United States Marshall's Office - Fayetteville, AR
    Contact Dr. Shields before contacting the USMS
    Requires a background check
    Review the US. Marshall's Internship Fact Sheet  
    Start application process 60 days prior to semester begin date
  • Arkansas State Police - Springdale - Troop L
    Phone:  479-751-6663
  • Fayetteville Police Department
    Contact Dr. Shields before contacting the FPD
    Requires background check and interview
    Review the Fayetteville Police Department Internships information
    Start application process 45 days prior to semester begin date
  • Rogers Police Department, 479-621-1172
  • Springdale Police Department, 479-756-8200
  • Please feel free to contact police departments not listed above.

Legal Internships

  • Washington County Juvenile Court (Judge Zimmerman) - 479-444-1538
  • Fayetteville Prosecutor's Office
    Contact Dr. Shields before contacting the Fayetteville Prosecutor's office
    Phone:  479-587-3591
  • Washington County Prosecutor's Office--Fayetteville
    Contact email: 
    Juvenile division - Heather Campbell; phone:  479-973-8412
  • Washington Public Defender's Office--Fayetteville
    Contact Danny Hylip; phone:  479-444-1595
  • CASA Legal Aid (advocacy for children)
  • Private Law Firms--any law firm or legal aid program is a possibility.  Feel free to contact any organization in which you have an interest.

Probation and Parole Internships

  • Community Corrections (Washington County and Benton County Probation Offices)
    Email Judie James at 
    Phone:  479-443-8000 (Fayetteville office)
  • Federal probation office
    Contact a few months in advance
    Requires letter of recommendation
    William E. Dunn, Supervising Probation Officer
    Contact email:
  • Washington County Juvenile Courts Detention Center - Fayetteville
    Address:  885 Clydesdale Drive, Fayetteville, AR  72701-8209
    Phone:  479-444-1670

Bail Bonds Internships

  • Private Bail Bonds offices

Security Internships

  • Walmart
  • Private Security Firms

Summer 2014 Criminal Justice Internships