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Anna Zajicek

Anna Zajicek

Interim Associate Dean, Professor of Sociology

Department Chair

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences

Phone: 479-575-3205

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Dr. Zajicek' served as the Chair of Gender Studies Steering Committee (1996-1999), the Graduate Program Director (2000-2015), Faculty Research Associate, Office for Institutional Diversity & Education (2006-2008), Coordinator of Family Specialization, Public Policy Ph.D. Program (2003-current), Vice-Chair in the Department of Sociology and Criminology (2014-2015).  Since 2015, she has served as Department Chair in the Department of Sociology and Criminology, and, since 2018, she has served as Associate Dean in Fulbright College.

Social Inequality (Intersectionality of Gender/Race/Class/Age), Gender/Race and STEM Disciplines, Institutional Transformation, Social Policy, Discourse

Social Inequalities (Gender, Race, Class), Social Theory (Classical and Contemporary), Family and Policy, Gender Studies.

Seminar in Classical Theory; Seminar in Social Inequality; Public Policy, Children and Families, and Race, Class, Gender

Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic and State University

Anna Zajicek, Valerie Hunt, Will Miller and Brinck Kerr.  “Exploring An Intersectional Approach to Bureaucratic Representation: Employment Patterns Among Principals in Multiethnic U. S. School Districts,” forthcoming in Public Administration Quarterly

Rodica Lisnic, Anna Zajicek and Brinck Kerr. “Work-Life Balance and Reasonableness of Tenure Expectations: Gender Difference in Faculty Experiences” forthcoming, Sociological Spectrum.

Angela Uchechukwu Nwude (Ph.D. Student) and Anna Zajicek. “Examining the Impact of Workplace Literacy Programs on the Structure of Social Networks: A Study of Low-Income Somali Refugee Workers," forthcoming, Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy.

Rodica Lisnic (PhD student), Anna Zajicek, Shauna Morimoto.  “Gender and Race Differences in Faculty Assessment of Tenure Clarity: The Influence of Departmental Relationships and Practices,” Sociology of Race & Ethnicity, Vol 5, Issue 2, (2019): 244-260

Kalynn Amundson (PhD student) and Anna Zajicek.  A Case Study of State Level Policymakers’ Discursive Co-Constructions of Welfare Drug Testing Policy and Gender, Race, and Class.” Sociological Inquiry: Vol. 88, Issue 3, (2018): 383-409 (lead article).

Sonia Kapur (PhD student) and Anna Zajicek. “Images of Battered Asian Indian Marriage Migrants: A Case Study of Domestic Violence Advocates.” Violence Against Women Vol. 38, Issue 4 (2017): 456-480.

Jonathan Langner (Ph.D. student) and Anna Zajicek.  “Social Construction of Drug Policies and Target Populations: U.S. Policy and Media Discourse.” Folia Sociologica, Vol. 62 (2017): 45-62

Sonia Kapur (PhD student), Anna Zajicek, Valerie Hunt.  “Immigration Provisions in the Violence Against Women Act: Implications for Asian Indian Marriage Migrants.” Journal of Women, Politics & Policy, Vol 38, Issue 4 (2017): 456-480.

Sonia Kapur (PhD student), Anna Zajicek, and John Gaber.  “Non-Profit Organizations’ Serving Domestic Violence Survivors: Addressing Intersectional Needs of Asian Indians.”  Affilia: The Journal of Women and Social Work. Vol 32, Issue 1 (2017): 50-66.

Kalynn Amundson (PhD Student), Anna Zajicek, and Brinck Kerr.  “A Social Metamorphosis: Constructing Drug Addicts from the Poor.” Sociological Spectrum, Vol. 35, Issue 5, (2015): 442-464.

Kalynn Amundson (Ph.D. Student), Anna Zajicek, Valerie Hunt.  “Pathologies of the Poor: What do the War on Drugs and Welfare Reform Have in Common.” Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, Vol. XLI, Number 1, (2014): 5 – 27 (Lead Article).

Shauna Morimoto and Anna Zajicek.  “Dismantling the ‘Master’s House’: Feminist Reflections on Institutional Transformation” Critical Sociology, Vol. 40, Issue 1, (2014): 135 – 150.


2018-              Interim Associate Dean, Fulbright College

2015 -              Chair, Department of Sociology and Criminology

2013 -              Coordinator, Family Specialization, Public Policy Ph.D. Program. 

2000-2015       Graduate Program Director, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, University of Arkansas

2006 - 2008     Faculty Research Associate, Office for Institutional Diversity & Education, University of Arkansas. 

2018                Graduate School Outstanding Faculty Mentor, University of Arkansas 

2018                 Recipient of the Nolan Award for Outstanding Contributions to Graduate Education, Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences

2014                 Outstanding Advisor Nominee, University of Arkansas

2008 - 2009     SECAC Academic Leadership Development Program Fellow, Southeastern Conference Academic Consortium.