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Grant Drawve

Grant Drawve

Assistant Professor

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences

(SOCI)-Sociology and Criminology

Phone: 479-575-3205

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Environmental Criminology, Crime & Place, Policing, Neighborhoods & Crime, GIS, Crime Prevention, Juvenile Delinquency, Community Corrections, and Public Health

Crime and Place, Crime Mapping/GIS, Policing, Criminological Theory, Data Analysis, and Communities and Crime

Fall 2019:

  • Introduction  to Criminology & Criminal Justice
  • Social Data & Analysis

Spring 2020:

  • Introduction  to Criminology & Criminal Justice

All Courses:

  • Research in Criminology (Graduate MA)
  • Crime Mapping (Undergraduate and Graduate MA)
  • Advanced Spatial Risk Seminar (Graduate MA and PhD)
  • Risk Terrain Modeling (Graduate MA and PhD)
  • Criminological Theory (in-person and online)
  • Social Data & Analysis
  • Juvenile Law and Process
  • Neighborhoods and Crime
  • Research Methods (Online)
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice (in-person and online)
  • Introduction to Criminology & Criminal Justice
  • Post-Doc 2016:
    • Department of Psychology & School of Criminal Justice, Rutgers University
  • PhD 2015:
    • Criminal Justice, University of Arkansas Little Rock
      • Dissertation: "A Multilevel Approach to Recidivism: The Role of Risk for Criminal Opportunities at the Neighborhood Level"
  • MA 2011:
    • Criminology and Criminal Justice, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
      • Thesis: "Geospatial Analysis of Repeat & Near Repeat Residential Burglaries"
  • BA 2009:
    • Administration of Justice, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
      • Minor in Forensic Science

2019 Publications (and forthcoming):

  1. Drawve, Grant and Alese Wooditch. Forthcoming. “A Research Note on the Methodological and Theoretical Considerations for Assessing Crime Forecasting Accuracy with the Predictive Accuracy Index.” Journal of Criminal Justice.
  2. Szkola*, Jason, Eric L. Piza, and Grant Drawve. Forthcoming. “Risk Terrain Modeling: Seasonality and Predictive Validity.” Justice Quarterly.
  3. Chillar*, Vijay and Grant Drawve. Forthcoming. “Unpacking Spatio-Temporal Differences of Risk for Crime: An Analysis in Little Rock, Arkansas.” Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, [Online First-2018].
  4. Gruenewald, Jeff, Grant Drawve, and Brent Smith. 2019. “The Situated Contexts of American Terrorism: A Conjunctive Analysis of Case Configurations.” Criminal Justice & Behavior, 46(6): 884-901.
  5. Drawve, Grant, Joel M. Caplan, and Michael Ostermann. 2019. “Utilizing a Risk of Crime Measure for Recidivism Research: Moving Environmental Corrections Forward.” Crime & Delinquency, 65(5): 606-629.
  6. Drawve, Grant, Jonathan Grubb, Hannah Steinman**, and Michelle Belongie. 2019. “Enhancing Data-Driven Law Enforcement Efforts: Exploring How Risk Terrain Modeling and Conjunctive Analysis Fit in a Crime and Traffic Safety Framework.” American Journal of Criminal Justice, 44(1): 106-124.
  7. Thomas, Johanna, Shaun A. Thomas, Grant Drawve, and Judith Rhodes. 2019. “Conjunctive Methods to Explore Factors Associated with On-Time Grade Attainment among High Risk Youth.” Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk, 24(1): 47-67.
  8. Gruenewald, Jeff, Brent Klein*, Grant Drawve, Brent Smith, and Katie Ratcliff. 2019. “Suspicious Preoperational Activities and Law Enforcement Interdiction of Terrorist Plots.” Policing: An International Journal, 42(1): 89-107.
    • Special Issue: Intelligence Led Policing

Research Affilitate/Associate:

  • Center for Social Research at the University of Arkansas
  • Terrorism Research Center at the University of Arkansas
  • Rutgers Center on Public Security at Rutgers University (Newark)

Executive Committee/Board:

  • National Dialogues on Behavioral Health
  • Arkansas Crisis Center

Editorial Boards

  • Journal of Crime & Justice
  • Journal of Criminal Justice


  • 2019: Fulbright College Master Researcher Award; University of Arkansas
  • 2017: Kaleidoscope Award; RCPS Rutgers University
  • 2017: Fulbright College Connor Faculty Fellow; University of Arkansas
  • 2014: Outstanding PhD Student; University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Active Funding:

  • Drawve, Grant, Shaun A. Thomas, and Jyotishka Datta. October 2019. “Child Maltreatment in Little Rock: Aligning Services with Risk". ($20,000; Funded; Predict, Align, Prevent).

  • Drawve, Grant, Shaun A. Thomas, and Jyotishka Datta. January 2019. “Child Maltreatment Pilot Project in Little Rock, Arkansas.” Predict, Align, Prevent. ($27,000; Funded; Originating funding source: Arkansas Children’s Trust Fund).

  • Caplan, Joel M., Leslie W. Kennedy, and Grant Drawve. November 2018. “Risk-Based Policing Initiative for the KCPD in Partnership with Rutgers University Center on Public Security (RCPS).” Kansas City Police Department ($13,857; Funded).

  • Smith, Brent L. and Grant Drawve. May 2018. "Investigative and Prosecutorial Tools for Mitigating Pathways to Radicalization: Creation of a Federal Terrorism Court Record Repository." National Institute of Justice ($731,783; Funded; Award: 2018-ZA-CX-0003).

  • Drawve, Grant, Mindy Bradley, Kevin Fitzpatrick, and Mary Parker. April 2017. “Perceptions of Inmate-Trainers participating in the Paws in Prison Program.” Mental Health America in Northwest Arkansas ($1,000; Funded).
  • Smith, Brent L., Grant Drawve, Jeff Gruenewald, Leslie Kennedy, and Joel Caplan. March 2017. “Innovative Methodologies for Assessing Radicalization Risk: Risk Terrain Modeling and Conjunctive Analysis.” National Institute of Justice ($716,015; Funded; Award: 2017-ZA-CX-0004).