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Song Yang

Song Yang


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(SOCI)-Sociology and Criminology

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In 2002, I graduated from University of Minnesota with a Ph.D. in Sociology and Master in Computer Engineering. My areas of research are social network analysis, work and organizations, and social stratification and inequalities. 

My areas of interests are broadly defined as including social network analysis, work, and organizations, economic sociology, and stratification/inequalities. 

Sociological methodology (quantitative), social network analysis, work/organization studies, China

Social Network Analysis

Social Data and Analysis

Sociology of China

Organizations and Society

Ph.D. University of Minnesota, 2002



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(This book was translated into Chinese and published by Shanghai Gezhi Press in 2012)


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  • Forthcoming


Yang, Song, Yuanqin Li, Xingzhou Wang, “Cohesiveness or competitiveness: Venture capital syndication networks and firms' performance in China,” Journal of Business Research


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I have been faculty members at University of Arkansas since 2002, and have been publishing books and more than 20 articles. I like to teach and to interact with students.