She Stoops to Conquer             She Stoops to Conquer. Fall 2013

The theatre instructors take a personal interest in your development…I felt that from every teacher. I have the greatest appreciation and respect for the training I received: challenging and diverse classes, numerous performance opportunities, the chance to learn from working professionals, and the confidence to pursue a career in theatre.

- John Gloria, Irene Ryan Competition, National Finalist, Professional Actor, Los Angeles

Degree Conferred: Master of Fine Arts (THTR)

Prerequisites to the Degree Program

A student entering graduate studies in the Department of Theatre should have a bachelor's degree in theatre or a completed BA in another field and a minimum of 24 semester hours in undergraduate drama/theatre credit. In the event a student does not satisfy this requirement, the student and an adviser will assess the student's needs and establish a plan of study which will prepare the student for advanced degree work.

Before being granted full admission, the student must take the Graduate Record Examination. The test should be taken prior to the beginning of graduate studies.

Requirements for the Master of Fine Arts Degree

The Master of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre is considered to be the terminal degree in the creative and performance aspects of Theatre. It is awarded in recognition of professional-level achievement in theatre as evidenced by successful fulfillment of a prescribed series of creative and academic requirements.

Admission Procedures

In addition to meeting the prerequisite requirements described above, all M.F.A. degree applicants will present an audition and/or portfolio for assessment and evaluation prior to consideration for acceptance.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Fine Arts degree requires 60 hours of approved graduate-level coursework that is focused in one of three study tracks: Performance (Acting and Directing), Design (Lighting, Scenic, and Costume) or Playwriting.  Specific course requirements and related production requirements are determined in conference with the particular track advisor. All students will produce a thesis (6 hours credit) prior to graduation. This thesis will take the form of a performance, design, or playwriting project with appropriate written research and documentation to support it. Both the proposed thesis project and the final product shall be subject to review and approval by the student's thesis committee.

Each student will be reviewed annually. Departmental faculty will determine whether sufficient progress has been made, artistically and academically, to warrant continuation into subsequent year of study and eventual graduation.

A final examination will be administered to all graduating MFA students. This examination will allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of theatre at a level appropriate to those who have reached the end of their particular course of studies.

Transfer of credit may be considered for those students entering the M.F.A. program and to those already holding the M.A. degree in Theatre. However, a minimum of 42 hours of graduate-level courses and four (4) regular semesters must be completed on the Fayetteville campus.

Departmental requirements may be waived by the faculty in Theatre only upon receipt of evidence of equivalent learning or skill resulting from earlier education or experience. Students not holding a Bachelor's degree in Theatre may be required to take supplemental coursework and/or demonstrate proficiency in the creative areas of Theatre.