The Importance of Being Earnest
The Importance of Being Earnest, 2008 Season

I was once told by a UA professor that when an audience member sits in her seat, she hands over her heart to the actor and expects to be taken on a journey. At the U of A, I learned what a great responsibility that really is.

- Rebecca Brooksher, Professional Actor New York (Lincoln Center, Actor's Theatre of Louisville)

In addition to the University Core requirements and the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences Graduation Requirements, the following course requirements must be met. Italicized courses from the list below may be applied to portions of the university/state minimum core requirements.

Three hours of any world language at the 1013 Elementary II level; and three hours of continued coursework in the same world language, or 3 hours of a different world language course. 6
A University Core fine arts course other than THTR 1003 Theatre Appreciation 3
Select one course from two of the following categories. These two courses must be completed in addition to coursework used to satisfy the University/state core. 6
Institutions and Ideas of World Civilizations I (ACTS Equivalency = HIST 1113) (Sp, Fa)  
Institutions and Ideas of World Civilizations II (ACTS Equivalency = HIST 1123) (Sp, Fa)
World Literature I (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 2113) (Sp, Su, Fa)  
World Literature II (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 2123) (Sp, Su, Fa)
Introduction to Philosophy (ACTS Equivalency = PHIL 1103) (Sp, Su, Fa)  
Introduction to Ethics (ACTS Equivalency = PHIL 1003) (Sp, Su, Fa)
Total Hours 15
All theatre majors must complete the following 31 hours:  
THTR 1223 Introduction to Theatre (Fa) 1 3
THTR 1313
THTR 1311L
Stage Technology I: Costumes and Makeup (Sp, Fa)
and Stage Technology I Laboratory: Costume and Makeup (Sp, Fa)
THTR 1323
THTR 1321L
Stage Technology II: Scenery and Lighting (Sp, Fa)
and Stage Technology II Laboratory: Scenery and Lighting (Sp, Fa)
THTR 1423 Script Analysis (Sp) 3
THTR 1883 Acting I for Theatre Majors (Sp) 3
THTR 2313 Fundamentals of Theatrical Design (Fa) 3
THTR 3001 Production Practicum (Sp, Fa) (to be taken twice) 2
THTR 3683 Stage Management (Sp) 3
THTR 4233 History of the Theatre I (Fa) 2 3
THTR 4333 History of the Theatre II (Sp) 2 3
In addition, all theatre majors must complete 21 hours from one of two concentration areas of study: Design and Technology or Performance. 21
THTR 2483 Stage Movement for the Actor (Fa) 3
THTR 2683 Acting II (Sp, Fa) 3
THTR 3433 Stage Speech (Sp, Fa) 3
THTR 3653 Directing I (Sp, Fa) 3
THTR 3663 Acting III (Sp) 3
THTR 4063 Playwriting (Sp) 3
THTR 4683 Acting IV - Shakespeare Performance (Fa) 3
THTR 2513 Drafting for the Theatre (Even years, Fa) 3
THTR 3213 Costume Design (Even years, Fa) 3
THTR 3733 Lighting Design (Odd years, Sp) 3
THTR 3903 Theatrical Makeup (Odd years, Sp) 3
THTR 4123 Rendering for the Theatre (Even years, Sp) 3
THTR 4653 Scene Design (Odd years, Fa) 3
THTR 4833 Scene Painting (Odd years, Sp) 3
The Fulbright College research/analytical paper requirement for theatre majors will be fulfilled in THTR 4233 and THTR 4333.  Satisfactory completion of an honors project or senior thesis may fulfill the requirement.
A minimum of 18 semester hours in theatre, including THTR 1223 or THTR 1003 or THTR 1003H. One of the following courses or course/lab combinations is also required: THTR 1313 and THTR 1311L, or THTR 1323 and THTR 1321L, or THTR 1683. The remaining hours must be selected from courses at the 3000- or 4000-level, the specific courses to be determined by the student in consultation with a theatre department faculty adviser. The student must notify the department of his or her intent to minor.

For a complete list of courses, please visit the catalog of studies.