ArkType Callback Auditions - February 1, 2020  at Kimpel 404: 10am-6pm

The Department of Theatre will be holding callback auditions for the four ArkType New Play Festival M.F.A. plays. Morgan Hicks and her directing class will hold auditions for the 10-minute play component of the ArkType New Works Festival later in February. 

Playwrights plan to callback actors they saw in the fall general auditions, actors will be invited and notified by email by playwrights and/or directors between Jan 21-Jan 24, 2020 .  If you did NOT audition in the generals in the Fall, please see the available roles below and self-submit by emailing the appropriate playwright and expressing your interest. In the interest of time, please self-submit for roles that you’re suited for.  Auditions will be reading of sides from each play. If you are called back, you will receive sides electronically directly from the playwright/director.

The Department is producing, in partnership with TheatreSquared and their Arkansas New Play Festival two workshop productions, two concert readings at TheatreSquared, and a ten minute play jamboree at Global Campus.  The workshop productions are roughly a 4-6 week commitment ~March 1-April 19 at Global Campus, with additional pre-rehearsal workshop possibilities in February. The concert readings will be a 2 week commitment from April 6-19. As noted above, the 10-minute new play jamboree will audition at a later date, to be determined. Sit tight!

 Please email John Walch, head of playwriting, with any questions about this audition process. 

Workshop Productions (@ Global Campus)

Wild Eden  by Lauren Ferebee

Directed by Lacy Post


  • OLD WOMAN (60s-90s) An old folksinger. 
  • HERON (13) A young girl, sad but tough. 
  • JANIE (16) A blooming teen who’s seen it all. 
  • HADLEY (16) A soccer player. 
  • DAD (30s) A walking statue. 
  • MERMAID (20s-40s) A real redneck mermaid. 
  • BIRDWATCHER (20s-60s) An explorer and guardian. 
  • TRASH (any age) Singing trash. 

To self-submit email Lauren Ferebee


Directed by Steven Marzolf 


  • HENRY (36) washed-up former fine artist, out of place in LA and in the world, on the hunt for something, he’d say for a book, but really he’s looking for that piece of himself he lost somewhere along the way that made him who he was, that made him great and amazing, or at least gave him the possibility for those things. So he’s lonely, because he’s lost that one piece of himself that he liked.
To self-submit email Brendan Beseth

Staged Readings (@ TheatreSquared)

Untitled Play by Adrienne Dawes

Directed by TBD


  • DEVIN (18/M African-American) - a son in captivity 
    [smart, sensitive, curious – Black Boy Joy confined to a cage] 
  • MOM (late 30s/F African-American) - a mother grieving  
    [strict and restrained, Mom struggles to maintain control of her son, her work environment, her own feelings]  
  • NEW COMMANDER (30s/M White) - Mom's uncomfortably attractive new boss 
    [character is still in progress – he is charming and dangerous]  
  • JESCA (20s-30s/F Non-White) - a playful flirt, Mom’s co-worker 
    [actor must have strong comedic instincts] 
  • JABEN early 20s/M African-American) - a first friend and first love for Devin 
    [Black Boy Joy with limited freedoms above ground, actor must have strong comedic instincts] 
  • Stage Directions/Off-Stage Voices (M or F, Non-White) 
    [must be a strong COLD reader w/ comedy experience] 

To self-submit email Adrienne Dawes

Dairy Queen by Sarah Loucks

Directed by TBD

Karen and Lee have nothing in common except for one thing: they’re both teenage employees at the local Dairy Queen, where they’re stuck working the 4th of July. Karen is determined to run away from their small, rural town, while Lee is determined to climb the ranks of Dairy Queen all the way to the top. When they discover their manager has abandoned them, Karen and Lee begin plotting a future neither of them imagined. Reigning over a large quantity of ice cream and some hidden vodka, two teenagers imagine adventure, salvation, and America beneath the fluorescent lights of a Midwest Dairy Queen.


  • Karen  (17) Female. Any ethnicity.
  • Lee  (17) Male. Any ethnicity.
  • Sheila (~30) Female. Any ethnicity.
  • Stage Directions (Any age) Male or female. Any ethnicity.  

To self-submit email Sarah Loucks

Thesis Project 

Circus Theatre

Directed by TBD


  • Ally (19-26) friendly new acquaintance. Good with movement. preferred physical theatre experience.

To self-submit email William Alex Larson