Scholarship Guidelines

NOTE:  A Theatre Scholarship is much more than a monetary award.  It is an indication of your abilities and promise.  When noted on your resume or printed in a show program, the term ‘Theatre Scholarship Recipient’ implies dedication, discipline, responsibility and professionalism.  That is the REAL value of a Theatre Scholarship.

  1. Scholarship recipients MUST be a declared Theatre major.
  1. Scholarship Applicant MUST have a Department of Theatre Faculty Member listed on application as a reference.
  1. Scholarship recipients MUST maintain a full-time academic load of twelve (12) hours per semester at the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville and earn a minimum 3.0 GPA during the semester in which the scholarship is awarded. Failure to meet these requirements will exclude the student from scholarship consideration during the next academic term.
  1. Scholarship recipients MUST be enrolled in at least one 1 credit hour THTR/Theatre course during the semester in which the scholarship is awarded.
  1. Scholarship recipients MUST participate (i.e., crew, cast or house-staff) in at least one Department of Theatre production during each semester the scholarship is awarded. House Staff includes any usher who commits to ushering for at least 50% of the performance run of a show.
  1. Scholarship recipients MUST attend all scheduled Theatre major’s meetings throughout the semester, and MUST be available to represent the College, in performance and/or in other participation, at selected Theatre events on and off campus.
  1. Scholarship recipients are considered our leaders and MUST adhere to the Student Code of Conduct as printed in the University of Arkansas Student Handbook. You may obtain a copy of the Student Handbook via the web.  Failure to do so will result in immediate revocation of the scholarship and may result in additional penalties, to include suspension and/or expulsion from the College.
  1. Any exception to the above MUST be cleared in advance by the Chair of Theatre. Students who fail to meet the requirements stated above may be ineligible for future scholarship consideration.

Scholarships are awarded per semester based on current academic standing and demonstrated skills, professionalism, potential, and talent in Theatre.  Scholarships are awarded on a year-to-year basis. Student must re-apply each year for an additional award.

Scholarship monies will be awarded and applied to the student account. If a student account has a zero-balance due, a check will be issued to the awarded student.

Minimum Amount of Award:     $500 per semester

Deadline to Apply

The deadline for applying for 2018-2019 scholarships is Friday, January 16th by 4:00 p.m. and should be submitted to the Theatre Department Office, Kimpel Hall rm. 619.  Please ensure your application is complete and includes all requested information. 

The Scholarship Committee will meet in February to make their recommendations to the Chair of the Department. Students who qualify and are certified by the Fulbright College Scholarship Office will be notified of their award at the year-end Department of Theatre Gala Celebration.

How to Submit an Application

Fax: 479-575-7602;  Email:
Mail: Michael Riha, Department of Theatre, 617 Kimpel Hall, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Applications Closed

The deadline for 2018-2019 scholarships has passed.
Please check back for the 2019-2020 scholarship application in the Fall.