Italian Program Professor Elected as AATI’s Director of Communication


Dr. Ryan Calabretta-Sajder, professor of Italian, has been elected to serve as the director of communications for the American Association of Teachers of Italian (AATI).

Calabretta-Sajder has been a member of the AATI since 2012, and is very happy to have been selected to now serve in his new position.

“Being elected for director of communication underscores the respect that my colleagues have for me and highlights the faith they have in my abilities to serve the organization and preserve, advance, and promote Italian Language and Culture,” said Calabretta-Sajder.


According to the AATI website, it is a professional institution to which professors of universities and schools of all rank are accredited throughout the world. The organization promotes and develops the activities related to multidisciplinary sectors of Italian studies through teaching and research, and also offers assistance to its members. 

The Association's statutory aims consist in the protection, promotion and dissemination of the study in the world of Italian language, literature and Italian culture in its multiple aspects. AATI pursues its statutory goals by organizing meetings, seminars, conferences, competitions, workshops and collaborating in the Italica quarterly magazine. This magazine publishes targeted contributions on literary research in all sectors of Italian language and teaching pedagogy. 

As Director of Communication, Calabretta-Sajder maintains the AATI website and its two list serves, assists with the organizations biannual newsletter, and creates advertisements for the organization. He also works closely with both the national and international conference committees and has chaired the national conference committee for two years.

 Calabretta-Sajder also oversees all elections for the entire organization, has chaired numerous committees, and oversaw the development of the new constitution, which re-examined the mission and created a vision statement for the organization.

 He is dedicated to promoting AATI's mission, which entails promoting Italian as early at kindergarten. His goal is to introduce Italian to the U of A community whether directly in classes or even on a larger scale through the Italian program’s film series.