Welcome from the Chair

Dear Students, Alumni, and Visitors,

Steven BellWe are happy to welcome you to the homepage of the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, whether you are a current U of A student, an alumnus, or a colleague or casual visitor from across the nation or the globe.  

As you will gather when you browse our site, our department is home to many inspiring and award-winning teachers, to accomplished scholars and researchers, to distinguished alumni, and to inspired and enthusiastic students of language and culture. Our faculty and instructors actively engage in the development and implementation of the latest teaching technologies, of new online courses and programs, of service learning and internship opportunities at home and abroad and community outreach, of language courses for special purposes and the professions, of internationally-certified proficiency exams, and of a wide-array of clubs and extra-curricular activities for our students and our surrounding communities.

We hope you will find the resources and information on our website accessible and useful. We would welcome any suggestions you might have for our site. We hope you will take advantage of the various contacts provided here if you have any questions for us, and of course also if you might be thinking about coming to study, or work and play with us here in Fayetteville at the University of Arkansas.

-Steve Bell

Mission Statement

The Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures believes itself central to the fulfillment of the mission of the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, adopted from Senator Fulbright’s writings, as follows:

... the highest function of higher education is the teaching of things in perspective, toward the purposes of enriching the life of the individual, cultivating the free and inquiring mind, and advancing the effort to bring reason, justice, and humanity into the relations of men and nations.