Major Requirements

Specific requirements for world-language majors can vary according to the student’s “catalog year,” which is the catalog current at the time of the student’s first enrollment at the University. A student’s particular “catalog year” remains the same throughout their studies, unless the student elects to move a forward to more recent catalogue year.

The Fulbright College Advising Center makes major requirement checklists for all catalogue years available. The following major requirements should only be consulted as a quick reference guide and not as an official degree audit. Please schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss your degree progress.

World-language major requirements for the current catalog year are as follows:

  • HIST 1113 Institutions and Ideas of World Civilizations I
  • HIST 1123 Institutions and Ideas of World Civilizations II
  • PHIL 2003 Intro to Philosophy
  • WLIT 1113 World Literature I
  • Nine (9) hours of language-related courses, chosen in consultation with the major advisor**
    • Fulfilled by completing nine (9) hours of a single world language different than the major
    • Nine (9) hours from any combination of department-approved WLLC courses (such as WLLC 2413, WLLC 3173, WLLC 4023, WLLC 4033), classical studies (CLST) courses, or language-related area/ethnic studies courses
    • Six (6) hours of a single world language different from the major plus one (1) course in a department-approved language-related course.

**Different for Classical Studies; see specific major requirements below

Requirements specific to the individual Classics, French, German, and Spanish majors are as follows:

Classics – 36 Credit Hours

15 hours of Ancient Greek or 15 hours of Latin

6 hours of Classical Studies Core classes

  • CLST 1003: Introduction to Classical Studies: Greece
  • CLST 1013: Introduction to Classical Studies: Rome

18 hours of additional work in classical languages and/or specific classical studies-related electives, to be selected from the following courses:

  • ARCH 2233: History of Architecture I
  • ARHS 4833: Ancient Art
  • ARHS 4843: Medieval Art
  • HIST 4003: Greece and the Ancient Near East
  • HIST 4013: Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World
  • HIST 4023: The Roman Republic and Empire
  • HIST 4043: Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
  • HIST 4053: Late Middle Ages
  • PHIL 4003: Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • PHIL 4013: Platonism & Origin of Christian Theology
  • PHIL 4023: Medieval Philosophy
  • PLSC 3953: Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
  • WLIT 2323: Greek and Roman Mythology

 **No more than 9 hours of electives from the medieval period may be applied to the major requirements**

3 hours of a classical studies colloquium (CLST 4003H).

French – 24 Credit Hours

There are 7 courses (21 hours) required of French majors:

  • FREN 3003 Advanced French
  • FREN 3113: Introduction to Literature
  • FREN 4003: Grammar and Composition
  • FREN 4033: French for Oral Proficiency
  • FREN 4213: French Civilization
  • + Any Two 4000 Level Literature Courses

**The remaining 3 hours of coursework required for the major in French will be chosen in collaboration with the student's adviser.

German – 24 Credit Hours

There are 6 courses (18 hours) required of German majors:

  • GERM 3003: Advanced German I
  • GERM 3013: Introduction to Literature
  • GERM 4003: Advanced German II
  • GERM 4213: German Civilization
  • GERM 4223: German-Speaking Countries in the 20th Century
  • GERM 3033 or 4033: German Conversation or German Advanced Conversation

**The remaining 6 hours of coursework will be selected from 4000-level offerings in consultation with the student's major adviser.


Spanish – 27 Credit Hours

There are 5 courses (15 hours) required of Spanish majors:

  • SPAN 3003: Advanced Spanish
  • SPAN 3033: Conversation
  • SPAN 3103: Cultural Readings
  • SPAN 3113: Introduction to Literature
  • SPAN 4003: Advanced Grammar

**The remaining 12 hours of coursework will be selected from 4000-level offerings in consultation with the student's major adviser.

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