Major Requirements

Specific requirements for world-language majors can vary according to the student’s “catalog year,” which is the catalog current at the time of the student’s first enrollment at the University. A student’s particular “catalog year” remains the same throughout their studies, unless the student elects to move a forward to more recent catalogue year.

The Fulbright College Advising Center makes major requirement checklists for all catalogue years available. The following major requirements should only be consulted as a quick reference guide and not as an official degree audit. Please schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss your degree progress.

World Language major requirements for the current catalog year are as follows:

  • Fulfilled by completing six (6) hours of a single world language different than the major
  • Six (6) hours from any combination of department-approved WLLC courses (such as WLLC 2413, WLLC 3173, WLLC 4023, WLLC 4033), classical studies (CLST) courses, or language-related area/ethnic studies courses
  • Three (3) hours of a single world language different from the major plus one (1) course in a department-approved language-related course.

**Different for Classical Studies; see specific major requirements below

Requirements specific to the individual Classics, French, German, and Spanish majors are as follows:

Classics – 36 Credit Hours

15 hours of Ancient Greek or 15 hours of Latin

6 hours of Classical Studies Core classes

  • CLST 1003: Introduction to Classical Studies: Greece
  • CLST 1013: Introduction to Classical Studies: Rome

18 hours of additional work in classical languages and/or specific classical studies-related electives, to be selected from the following courses:

  • ARCH 2233: History of Architecture I
  • ARHS 4833: Ancient Art
  • ARHS 4843: Medieval Art
  • HIST 4003: Greece and the Ancient Near East
  • HIST 4013: Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World
  • HIST 4023: The Roman Republic and Empire
  • HIST 4043: Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
  • HIST 4053: Late Middle Ages
  • PHIL 4003: Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • PHIL 4013: Platonism & Origin of Christian Theology
  • PHIL 4023: Medieval Philosophy
  • PLSC 3953: Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
  • WLIT 2323: Greek and Roman Mythology

 **No more than 9 hours of electives from the medieval period may be applied to the major requirements**

3 hours of a classical studies colloquium (CLST 4003H).

French – 24 Credit Hours

There are 7 courses (21 hours) required of French majors:

  • FREN 3003 Advanced French
  • FREN 3113: Introduction to Literature
  • FREN 4003: Grammar and Composition
  • FREN 4033: French for Oral Proficiency
  • FREN 4213: French Civilization
  • + Any Two 4000 Level Literature Courses

**The remaining 3 hours of coursework required for the major in French will be chosen in collaboration with the student's adviser.

German – 24 Credit Hours

There are 8 courses (24 hours) required of German majors:

  • GERM 3003: Advanced German I
  • GERM 3013: Introduction to Literature
  • GERM 4003: Advanced German II
  • GERM 4213: German Civilization
  • GERM 3033 or 4033: German Conversation or German Advanced Conversation

**The remaining 9 hours of coursework will be selected from 3000- or 4000-level offerings in consultation with the student's major adviser.

Fulbright Writing Requirement

  • Satisfied by completion of an acceptable honors thesis or by a term paper or other written work submitted for a GERM course numbered 3000 or higher approved by the department chair.

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