As of fall 2021, the World Languages, Literatures & Cultures department now offers courses in the Cherokee language.

Majors from closely related departments were well represented — anthropology, history, languages, English and sociology. The initial Cherokee I class met its maximum enrollment of 15 students and is now regularly offered in fall semester.

Currently, there are four levels of Cherokee offered: Cherokee I-IV. See the below course information on each level.

For more information on Cherokee courses and the program, contact Greg Buchanan ( 


CHRK 1013: Elementary Cherokee II

Focuses on the sound and syllabary system of Cherokee, including grammar, vocabulary, culture, and heritage. Includes in-depth activities and experiences with the Cherokee language. Typically offered  in fall.

Prerequisite:  CHRK 1003 or instructor's consent.

WLLC 398V-002: Cherokee III 

Typically offered in fall.

Prerequisite: CHRK 1003 and CHRK 1013.

WLLC 398V: Cherokee IV

Typically offered in spring.

Prerequisite: CHRK 1003, CHRK 1013, and Cherokee III.