Flyer for Cherokee courses

As of fall 2021, the World Languages, Literatures & Cultures department now offers courses in the Cherokee language. Cherokee classes are taught by Mr. Lawrence Panther, a native Cherokee speaker and member of the Cherokee Nation.

Mr. Panther's deepest passion is to share his language and culture. Each class not only covers the Cherokee language and syllabary system, but Cherokee history, culture, and heritage as well. Currently, there are two courses offered regularly during the academic year: Elementary Cherokee I (CHRK 1003) in fall, and Elementary Cherokee II (CHRK 1013) in spring. Cherokee III is offered in fall as well with prerequisite requirements in Cherokee I and II.

Majors from closely related departments were well represented — anthropology, history, languages, English and sociology. The initial Cherokee I class met its maximum enrollment of 15 students and is now regularly offered in fall semester.

For more information on Cherokee courses and the program, contact Lawrence Panther (


CHRK 1013: Elementary Cherokee II

Focuses on the sound and syllabary system of Cherokee, including grammar, vocabulary, culture, and heritage. Includes in-depth activities and experiences with the Cherokee language.

Prerequisite:  CHRK 1003 or instructor's consent.