Japanese Courses

Students in this program must complete 15 credit hours of upper-level Japanese courses listed below to earn a Japanese Minor. There is no scheduling conflict in these courses (see Course Schedules).

Nearly all courses for the Japanese Minor are offered for Honors credit. Honors students are able to take all Japanese Minor courses for Honors credit.

JAPN 3116/H Intensive Advanced Japanese and JAPN 4033/H Oral Communication & Composition include practice exams for the official Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in their course requirements. Particularly, JAPN 4033/H will prepare its students for JLPT N3, where the certified individuals will become employable at a Japanese corporation for positions requiring a working command of the Japanese language.

The Japanese Program administers the Japanese Placement Test every semester as a way to help students who have formally taken Japanese language courses elsewhere find a class that is most suitable to their current language proficiency levels.

Japanese Placement Test

This test is open to students at the University of Arkansas who did not take academic courses taught in the Japanese language at a middle school or above. Examinees are expected to have a working command of hiragana and katakanaEach student may take this placement test only once throughout his/her academic career at the University of Arkansas.

Academic Credit
This placement test does not confer credit (i.e., results of this test will not affect the students’ GPAs) because it is designed solely to evaluate the examinees’ current language proficiency level.

Test Date
The Japanese Placement Test is administered during Week 1 of fall and spring semesters (the first Tuesday of each semester unless announced otherwise). The test date is announced on the main page of the Japanese Program Website.

Required Materials
-Valid student I.D.
-2 Scantron sheets
-A pencil
-An eraser
Test Format
The Japanese Placement Test consists of listening comprehension, kanji reading/writing, grammar, content-based questions, and reading comprehension. All questions are presented in a multiple-choice format, and examinees write their answers on a Scantron sheet. Examinees must complete the test within 120 minutes (since this test includes questions for examinees at varying proficiency levels, those below an advanced level may not need all 120 minutes to complete the questions for their levels).