Why study Portuguese at the UofA?

Our Portuguese program allows students to journey through the nine official Portuguese-speaking countries by learning about their ethnicities and customs. The program also enables students to discover a language that is spoken by over 250 million people. There are Portuguese-speaking communities across four continents in Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, and Sáo Tomé and Príncipe.​

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Edvan Brito, PhD. - Section Head of the Portuguese Program

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Course Listings for the UofA Portuguese Program

Elementary courses stress correct pronunciation, aural comprehension, and simple speaking ability, and lead to active mastery of basic grammar and limited reading ability.

Intermediate courses lead to greater facility in spoken language and to more advanced reading skills. Prerequisite: PORT 1013 or equivalent.


Portuguese for Spanish Speakers I is designed for students who have completed at least four semesters of Spanish. The course builds up on students’ previous knowledge of Spanish grammar and cognate vocabulary in order to develop their basic language skills in Portuguese. Prerequisite: SPAN 2013 or equivalent.


Conversation practice for the post-intermediate student. Prerequisite: PORT 2013, PORT 2103 or instructor’s approval.


This course examines a variety of topics in Brazilian culture and history through films, documentaries, and literary and cultural texts. Prerequisite: Taught in English. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.


Elementary courses stress correct pronunciation, aural comprehension, and simple speaking ability, and lead to active mastery of basic grammar and limited reading ability. Prerequisite: PORT 1003 or equivalent.

Continued development of basic speaking, comprehension, and writing skills and intensive development of reading skills. Prerequisite: PORT 2003 or equivalent.


Portuguese for Spanish Speakers II is an intermediate-level class in which students continue to develop their language skills in Portuguese. Prerequisite: PORT 1103, PORT 1013 or equivalent.


The course is intended to provide different perspectives on the elements that shape contemporary Brazilian culture and society, focusing on issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality. Taught in English. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.


Further development of reading skills and introduction to literary commentary and analysis. Prerequisite: PORT 3003 or equivalent.


Professional and Academic Opportunities with Portuguese

Increase your earning potential and professional opportunities by developing your communication skills in Portuguese. This language will certainly broaden your academic achievements and give you an 'edge' in both the domestic and international job markets.

Portuguese is an official or working language for a wide variety of companies and organizations, such as the ones listed here:


Scholarships to study Master’s and Doctorate programs in Brazil. This year’s deadline was on August 21, 2016 but you can plan for next year. Click here for more info.

This program offers scholarships for up to 12 months to American students who want to enhance their language skills abroad. The application deadline is February 9, 2017. Click here for more info.

 This fellowship provides funds for studying Portuguese and other less commonly taught languages at Middlebury College over the summer. The application deadline is December 15. Click here for more info.

 DEADLINE: May 1 or October 15, depending on applicable semester. IES Abroad is one of the leading private companies that gives students the chance to study abroad, regardless of the school they attend on a full-time basis. The organization also offers its own merit-based scholarships to students who are using its study abroad services during the fall, spring, or summer sessions. To be eligible, students must be enrolled full-time at a major university and demonstrate academic excellence. Scholarship amounts vary based on the student’s standing, GPA, and number of quality points. Students are eligible for this program as many times as they like, but the funds can only be applied to their studies abroad through the company’s own services. Click here for more info. 

 DEADLINE: March 15. Students apply to this language program if they wish to spend two consecutive weeks living in the Concordia Language Villages located in Minnesota. The program is nearly a complete immersion in the language of the student’s choice, giving them an opportunity for real learning and increased proficiency. The scholarship covers all tuition expenses, but does not cover materials or travel expenses. Click here for more info.  

Summer internship. It can be paid or unpaid. Application deadline is December 15, 2016. Click here for more info.

This is a great opportunity to gain professional experience and to learn more about Portuguese and Brazilian diverse cultures. Speaking Portuguese adds a great deal to the applicant’s profile. Click here for more info.

 Speaking Portuguese can be of great advantage when applying for jobs and/or internships with the US Government (Foreign Services, State Department, etc.), the World Bank, Organization of American States - OAS, International Monetary Fund- IMF, Inter-American Development Bank – IDB, United Nations – UN, EU – European Union, and so on.

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“Knowing Portuguese is an asset. It is important for individuals to know about various experiences so that we can learn from one another. The world we live in needs people who are sensitive to other cultures. Knowing Portuguese adds a lot to a person’s profile. Being able to speak Portuguese can open so many doors."

- Edvan Brito, PhD.


Recommended Study Abroad Programs

The University of Arkansas Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange currently offers both faculty-led and external study abroad programs in Portuguese-speaking countries. By taking part in these programs, students can have many opportunities to increase their knowledge of the Portuguese language and its representative cultures while getting hands-on experience in their own fields.

We highly recommend the UofA's faculty-led programs which include the International Business Seminar in Brazil, which is targeted to students from the Walton College of Business, and the Global Community Development in Mozambique, which attracts students from a variety majors. Check out this great video from the Honors College about this program:


Even though there is no language requirement to participate in these programs, speaking Portuguese will amplify and enrich your study abroad experience.

With some familiarity with the language, you'll be better able communicate with the locals and will have a deeper understanding of their culture.


Be sure to consider some of these other external study abroad programs in Portuguese-speaking countries. Contact the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange directly to learn more about these programs.


Portuguese at the UofA Outside the Classroom

Participate in extracurricular activities that will improve your Portuguese speaking skills. Our program offers a Portuguese Conversation Table that meets regularly. It's a great way to get some extra practice and meet new people with an interest in the language. 

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Brazilian ua students

Pictured above is the Brazilian Student Organization (BRSO). Activities hosted by BRSO are designed to celebrate the Brazilian culture and share experiences with other countries through social events.


Useful Resources and Websites

  1. Reverso dictionary
  2. Wikcionario   (Dictionary with images)
  3. Verb conjugator

Interested in studying Portuguese at the UofA?

For more information about the Portuguese Program, contact Dr. Edvan Brito.