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A Message from the Dean's Office

Along with planning for the fall, during the summer months we close the books on one fiscal year and open them for the next. Thanks to you, we had a spectacular year, and I'd like to share some of the great things that happened in Fulbright College between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015.

During the 2015 fiscal year, the college received an increase of more than $4 million to its hard budget. The college also received more than 170 grants totaling more than $13.5 million.


Roy Reed
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Reporting History

You’re a professional journalist – too old to be green, too young to be seasoned – and you land the dream job: a reporter for the New York Times. You go to New York City and are only partially through orientation when you’re dispatched to cover the civil rights movement. You relocate your spouse and two young children from Little Rock to Atlanta, and then spend most of your time on the road because even though there are plenty of things to cover in Georgia, the big story is in Alabama because it’s February of 1965 and although you don’t know it yet, you’re about to become a pivotal part of history.

Faulkner Center Opening
Walter Manger and Doy Zachry surprised with named scholarships
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Supporting the Future

Nearly 10 years ago, shortly after earning degrees in geology and securing their first career jobs in the field, Shane Matson (B.S. ‘01, M.S. ‘07), Eddie Valek (M.S. ‘99) and Clayton Yarri Davis (B.S. ‘04, M.S. ‘07) joined together with a group of alumni and friends and became philanthropists – making their first annual gift to their alma mater to benefit the Department of Geosciences.

One Book One Community
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The Emerging Role of Game Design in Digital Humanities

What academic program involves students and faculty from the social sciences, architecture, visual and performing arts, the humanities, computer science and the natural sciences? Game design – an increasingly important methodology in digital humanities. David Fredrick, associate professor of classics and director of the humanities program in Fulbright College, uses game design to teach Greek and Roman mythology and Roman civilization.

Daniel Sutherland, Randall Woods and Elliott West
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Sharing Our Common Past: Three professors personalize history of America through the voices of Americans

Fulbright College is home to three of the top historians in America. Elliott West, Randall Woods and Daniel Sutherland explore very different themes in their historical research but get to the heart of their stories in much the same way, using the personal correspondence and first-hand accounts of those Americans who stood at the center of history as it was happening. Their insightful, nuanced and detailed writing has been widely acclaimed, and they are regularly invited to give lectures around the nation and overseas.

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U of A Talks Race

During the 2015-16 school year, several groups will come together to discuss racial issues within the United States. The program “U of A Talks Race” will foster open conversation and education for students, faculty and staff about racial issues.

Tameshia Rudd-Ridge (top), Matthew Sylvest (bottom)
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Nine Students, Seven Countries, One Dream

For more than 20 years the Roy and Christine Sturgis Educational Trust has helped redefine what is possible for Fulbright College students around the globe. The initial gift established the Sturgis Fellowship, the University of Arkansas’ oldest fellowship, which gives incoming freshmen a four-year stipend for tuition, educational supplies and international travel. In 2014, the trust extended its support by creating the Sturgis International Fellows Program.

Extreme Caver
Lee Williams
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The Lee Williams Legacy: Mentor, Adviser, Servant, Friend

­­­­Lee Williams, longtime aide to Sen. J. William Fulbright and former member of the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, died June 3, 2015, at age 89. He worked for Fulbright from 1955-1974, first as a legislative assistant and then as an administrative assistant and chief of staff.

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International Scholars Debate Provincialism, Cosmopolitanism in the Fulbright Legacy

In September, scholars from around the world will meet at the University of Arkansas to discuss Sen. J. William Fulbright’s foreign policy legacy. Scholars from Australia, Europe and the United States have been invited to present papers at a conference addressing “J. William Fulbright in International Perspective: Liberal Internationalism and U.S. Global Influence.”

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