Welcome to the Winter 2015 issue of the Fulbright Review

Todd Shields, Dean

Todd Shields, Dean

We are expecting an eventful spring semester and the celebrations have already begun. Yesterday, we observed MLK Holiday, and February will bring a new television series featuring one of our very own faculty members.

In March, one of our concert bands will go on a three-state tour. In April, we’ll recognize the 60th anniversary of J-days and commemorate J. William Fulbright’s birthday. Then it will be time for our Spring 2015 issue. So let’s seize the moment and explore some of the great things happening in Fulbright College.

Change is our constant, and we have seen a lot of it since classes began last fall. We’ve provided awards and opportunities for students to showcase their commitment to excellence, forged new partnerships to enhance our community, celebrated with faculty as their groundbreaking work gets much-deserved attention and honored departed scholars and friends who made many of us better educators. You can read about many of these milestones in this issue.

Spring will be upon us before we know it, and we’ll be looking for more stories to share. Please send us updates on your own milestones. We enjoy hearing your comments and suggestions for upcoming installments of the Fulbright Review.

Best Wishes,

Todd Shields