2016 Fulbright Faculty Book Roundup

Featured Stories

Prison Power: How Prison Influenced the Movement for Black Liberation

Fulbright Gender Studies Director Publishes Book on Prison Influence

Lisa M. Corrigan has written a book about the influence that imprisonment had during the black liberation movement.

Prison Power explains how this transition was especially important in the fight against white supremacy, as southern Civil Rights activists were facing a great number of setbacks. Corrigan explores how prison changed many activists' organizational strategies and political analysis, as well as how this change affected the way the Movement adapted to the obstacles it faced.

Slavery and Secession in Arkansas: A Documentary History

Protecting Slavery in Arkansans' Thoughts, Words on Eve of Civil War

A new book that examines private and published documents in Arkansas before the start of the Civil War reveals that defending slavery was at the forefront of secession arguments in the state.

Slavery and Secession in Arkansas: A Documentary History, draws from hundreds of sources, including pamphlets, broadsides, legislative debates, public addresses, newspapers and private correspondence.

Women's Rights in the USA: Policy Debates and Gender Roles

Fulbright Professor Publishes New Edition of Gender and Politics Book

Janine A. Parry has published a new edition of a book that focuses on gender roles in today's political world.

The book, titled Women's Rights in the USA: Policy Debates and Gender Roles, was co-authored by Parry and Dorothy McBride, a retired professor of Florida Atlantic University. This new edition incorporates not only the history and evolution of women's rights and issues, but also the current state of these rights and the policies that concern them.

Remaking the Democratic Party: Lyndon B. Johnson as a Native-Son Presidential Candidate

Fulbright College Associate Professor Publishes Book on Lyndon B. Johnson and the Democratic Party

Pearl K. Dowe has published a book on the reshaping of one of the U.S.'s major political parties.

Remaking the Democratic Party: Lyndon B. Johnson as a Native-Son Presidential Candidate focuses on the elections of Lyndon B. Johnson to Congress and the presidency, as well as his success in furthering a more liberal agenda while in office.  

The Arkansas International

Graduate Students in Creative Writing and Translation Launch New Literary Magazine

The first issue of The Arkansas International, a new literary magazine produced by graduate students and faculty member Geoffrey Brock in the University of Arkansas Program in Creative Writing and Translation, will be released today, Oct. 4, featuring creative work, essays, interviews and reviews by authors hailing from three continents.

Social Network Analysis: Methods and Examples

Fulbright College Professor Publishes Book on Social Network Analysis

Song Yang has published a book focused on the recording and measuring of social structures using graph and network models.

The book, titled Social Network Analysis: Methods and Examples, offers a clear and comprehensive introduction to the developing world of social network analysis. It provides social science students with the tools to perform their own social network analysis by covering the basic procedural information as well as instructive examples from several fields.

Preventing Crime and Violence

Fulbright College Associate Professor Publishes Book on Crime Prevention Research

Mindy S. Bradley recently published a book focusing on integrating criminology into prevention science research.

Her book, titled Preventing Crime and Violence, offers an explanation of how the practices used in criminology can be helpful to those studying prevention science by providing a better understanding of crime prevention and risk factors.

Source-to-Sink Fluxes in Undisturbed Cold Environments

New Book Co-Edited by U of A Geoscientist Examines Cold Environments

A new book co-edited by a University of Arkansas geoscientist describes the diversity of artic and alpine climates, and how they are susceptible to climate change.

The book, Source-to-Sink Fluxes in Undisturbed Cold Environments, provides an overview of the latest research of the working group of the International Association of Geomorphologists, said John C. Dixon, professor in the Department of Geosciences in the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences.

LORE (University of Utah Press) by Davis McCombs

New Books from the Program in Creative Writing and Translation

Need a good new years read? Look no further than the U of A Program in Creative Writing and Translation. Spring brought a bundle of new books, with three faculty members, and even a student, offering new volumes of poetry, memoir, and translation.

Prisoners of Hope: Lyndon B. Johnson, the Great Society, and the Limits of Liberalism

New Book is the First Comprehensive History of LBJ's Great Society

There was a time in American history when politics worked, said Randall B. Woods, a University of Arkansas historian who has written a new book about President Lyndon Johnson’s sweeping legislative agenda known as “The Great Society.”

In Prisoners of Hope: Lyndon B. Johnson, the Great Society, and the Limits of Liberalism, Woods presents the first comprehensive history of the Great Society, exploring both the breathtaking possibilities of visionary politics, as well as its limits.