Eligibility & Applying

   High School GPA  ACT/SAT  UA GPA
Entering Freshmen1  3.75 28/1310  
Current UA Student2     3.50
Entering Transfer Student2      3.50

1The minimum marks in each category are required for admission.  Only composite ACT/SAT scores are accepted, not superscores.  Students who do not meet the minimum requirements in each category, may join Fulbright Honors, after establishing a 3.50 in University of Arkansas coursework.

2Current University of Arkansas students as well as transfer students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.50 in UA coursework.

Joining the Fulbright Honors Program

To "apply" for the Fulbright College Honors Program, you must first Apply on the Honors College website.  Once your credentials have been verified, you will receive further instructions.