Doctoral Program 

Areas of Study

There are five areas of study or concentrations that doctoral students can choose from:

  1. Comparative Literature
  2. Interdisciplinary Hispanic Studies
  3. Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics
  4. Cultural Studies
  5. Literary Translation


The doctoral program in comparative literature and cultural studies is designed to be based on a Master of Arts in Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Communication, Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish or other languages or upon the Master of Fine Arts in Translation. Applicants with masters’ degrees in the humanities and the social sciences may also be accepted into the program, but will be required to fulfill any deficiencies that the adviser and the Ph.D. Program Advisory Committee identifies. 

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Comprehensive Exams

The Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies degree requires passing written and oral comprehensive exams. The written exam concentrates on

  1. the candidate’s areas of specialization, and
  2. three areas in world literatures and cultures.

The oral exam will be focused on a defense of the candidate’s dissertation prospectus and related materials.

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