About the Program

The University of Arkansas premedical program is named after Dr. Frederick Lee Liebolt and provides guidance to University of Arkansas students from every college on campus who are interested in pursuing a career as a physician. The program serves the entire University and is administered by the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Liebolt's generous gift supports a strong premedical program to enhance the success of our students. We work with students from all degree programs and with alumni who choose to apply to medical school after graduation. We also advise students who have completed a bachelors degree at another institution but plan to attend the University of Arkansas to fulfill the requirements for medical school. Relevant information for all non-traditional returning students can be found under "Post-baccalaureate Premedical Advising".

Students at every stage receive personal advice and information about the premedical curriculum, community service programs, opportunities to gain health-profession experience, and timetables for MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) preparation. Just prior to applying, we conduct application workshops and writing workshops for the "Personal Statement" section of the application. Additionally we have a medical school interview workshop where we address current issues in health-care, interview skills, how to prepare, how to dress, and commonly asked medical school interview questions.

Each year the UofA flagship campus contributes the largest number of students from a single institution entering the UAMS College of Medicine. In addition to a strong record of acceptances to UAMS and other public medical schools from neighboring states, our students have been accepted most recently to a variety of private medical schools including Baylor, Cornell, Emory, Johns Hopkins, McGill, Tufts, University of Southern California, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, and Washington University in St. Louis.