Campus Tutoring


  • Enhanced Learning Center
    Located in Gregson Hall
    Open Sunday evenings and Monday - Friday
    Tutoring in math, chemistry, biology, and writing available free of charge.
    Supplemental Instruction provides out-of-class review sessions in a variety of classes including Survey of Calculus, University Chemistry I and II, Principles of Biology, and Beginning Algebra.
    ELC website
  • Language Learning Center
    Located in Kimpel Hall 204.
    Open Monday - Friday
    Computer programs, CD-ROM, audio tapes and video presentations are available.
    Services are free. This is also the location to take Foreign Language placement tests. 
  • Department of World Languages 
    Kimpel Hall Room 425
    World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures web site
  • Math Resource and Tutoring Center (MRTC)
    Located in Champions Hall 
    Services are free.
    Visit the MRTC website for more information and hours.
  • SOAR Centers (Student Outreach and Academic Resources)
    University Housing provides computer labs and assistance in freshman and sophomore level classes in the Residence Halls listed below:
    Futrall 718-2402
    Humphrey's Hall 718-3202
    Pomfret 718-1075
    Reid Hall 718-3843
    For more information contact: University Housing, 900 Hotz Hall , University of Arkansas
    575-3951 or visit the University Housing website
  • Student Support Services (SSS)
    Located in the Enhanced Learning Center Gregson Hall 041. Hours are Monday-Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm. You may qualify for services if you have academic need and are either a first-generation college student, or qualify for Federal financial aid, or have a documented disability and are registered with the University of Arkansas Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD). 
    Services are free to those who qualify.
    For more information call visit the SSS website
  • The Quality Writing Center (QWC)
    Located in Kimpel Hall 315 and 317 (Computer Lab). Hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Some evening hours (times are posted). Center is available to students, faculty, and staff as a resource to offer assistance in essay and report writing.
    Services are free.
    Appointments can be arranged by calling: 575-6856
    For more information call: 575-6747 or visit the QWC website



Professors and graduate students offer assistance during office hours.
Call for an appointment: 575-2508


Supplemental instruction in Principles of Biology is free and provided in the Enhanced Learning Center on campus.

Chemistry & Biochemistry

A list of tutors and their areas of specialization can be obtained from the Chemistry Department
For more information call: 575-4601

Foreign Languages

Language Lab Kimpel Hall 204 (See top of page for information and times of operation)


Appointments can be made with faculty members.
For more information call: 575-3159


Professors and teaching assistants can be seen during office hours.
For more information call: 575-3001


Instructors for theory classes can be seen during office hours. Other students tutor for a fee.
For more information call: 575-4701


Graduate teaching assistants offer tutoring upon request. Faculty are available during office hours.
For more information call: 575-3551


Faculty and graduate students in Physics have regular office hours to assist students.
For more information call: 575-2506

Political Science

Contact the department for assistance 575-3356


The department offers tutoring for general sociology courses. Contact your professor for times and locations. 575-3205