Current Course Offerings

May 2017 Intersession

Course ID Title Instructor
ARHS 4983 Italian Renaissance Chapels L. Jacobs
ENGL 4593 Biblical Figures in the Quran: Mary, Jesus, Moses and More M. Kahf
ENGL 4603 History of the Book J.B. Smith
HIST 4323 Wars of Religion: From the Crusades to 9/11 F. Dominguez

Summer 2017 Courses

Course ID Title Instructor
ENGL 4303 Introduction to Shakespeare J. Candido

Fall 2017 Courses

Course ID Title Instructor
ARCH 2233 History of Architecture I K. Sexton
ARCH 4843 Medieval Architecture K. Sexton
ARHS 4863 Northern Renaissance Art L. Jacobs
ENGL 3433 Introduction to Chaucer: Canterbury Tales M.B. Long
ENGL 3713 Introduction to Old English J.B. Smith
ENGL 4303 Introduction to Shakespeare C. Kayser / R. Madison
HIST 3033 Islamic Civilization N. Antov
HIST 3203 Colonial Latin America  J. Grove
HIST 3853 Ottoman Empire, 1300-1923 N. Antov
HIST 4103 Byzantine Empire C. Muntz
HIST 4903 Music and the Arts of Edo Japan 1600-1868 L. Markham
HIST 4923 Song China 960-1279 R. Wilpert
MEST 4003 Bible and Koran: Comparisons S. Allen
PHIL 4013 Platonism in Late Antiquity L. Spellman
MRST Summer and Fall 2017 Courses

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