Current Course Offerings

Spring 2018 Courses

Course ID Title Instructor
ARCH 2243 History of Architecture II Sexton
ARHS 4973 Pre-Columbian/Colonial American Painted Manuscripts Pulido-Rull
ARHS 4563 Pre-Columbian Art Pulido-Rull
ENGL 3593/3713 Premodern Women's Political Activism Long/Dominguez
ENGL 3713 Saints' Lives and Spiritual Hero(in)es Long
ENGL 4713 Old English II Smith
ENGL 4713 Chaucer (Non-Canterbury Tales) Quinn
ENGL 4304 Intro to Shakespeare Candido
HIST 1113 Institutions and Ideas of World Civilizations I Faculty
HIST 3033 Islamic Civilization Basturk
HIST 3203 Colonial Latin America Grove
HIST 3983 Premodern Women's Political Activism Long/Dominguez
HIST 4053 Late Middle Ages Dominguez
HIST 4394 Early Modern Islamic Empires Antov
HIST 4633 Heian Japan (794-1192) Markham/Wolpert
HIST 4853 Early Chinese Empires Wolpert
HIST 4913 Reading Japanese Noh as Cultural History Markham
HNRC 4013H Manuscripts [Class open to MRST minors] Smith
WLIT 3713 Literature of Spain Kahf
MRST Summer and Fall 2017 Courses

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