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Bill Quinn's Old Clerkis Speche: Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde and the Implications of Authorial Romance (Catholic, 2014) is now out and available on Amazon: Olde Clerkis Speche.

John DuVal's new translation of The Song of Roland (Hackett, 2012) is now out and available on Amazon: The Song of Roland.

Daniel Levine

Recent Publications:

Review Article: "Heirs of Homer: A Recent Study of Odysseus' Recurring Returns"  [Edith Hall, The Return of Ulysses: A Cultural History of Homer's Odyssey (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001), VII + 296 pp.] International Journal of the Classical Tradition 18.2 (2011) 270-280.

Book Review: New Heroes in Antiquity: From Achilles to Antinoos, by Christopher P. Jones (Harvard University Press: Cambridge, Massachusetts and London. 2010) Pp. 123. The Historian 73.3 (2011) 621-623.

"Josef Kavalier's Odyssey: Homeric Echoes in Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay" International Journal of the Classical Tradition 17.4 (December 2010) pp. 526-555.

Recent Lectures:

"Combat Veterans' Experiences in Ancient Greek Literature", Public Lecture, Fayetteville Public Library