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  • In 2013, the wealth inequality between white and blacks showed that white households had 13 times the median of black households.*
  • African American teens are more likely to have a smartphone than any other group.  85% of African American owns smartphone compared to 71% of white teens and 71% of Hispanic teens.*
  • 83.7% of African Americans have a high school diploma **
  • 17% or African Americans hold a Bachelor degree or higher***
  • The average African American male has a life span that is five years less than the average white male. ***
  • The current unemployment rate for African Americans is 10.1%. ****
  • 57% of the African American population resides in the South
  • There are currently 46 African Americans and  2  African American Senators in the 114th Congress.
  • In 2012 for the first time African Americans as a racial/ethnic group surpassed white voters in turnout

We believe we are at a critical moment in American history.  Recent events have demonstrated police brutality and deep racial divisions across the country.  While horrific, these events provide important opportunities for education and much needed discussions around the sensitive issues of race in the United States. Our current problems are multifaceted, historical, and require a much greater understanding of the central role of race in contemporary society.  Consequently, over the next academic year, the University of Arkansas is planning a series of programs designed to address the current racial climate in the United States and the quality of black life in contemporary America.

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*Pew Research Center
**American Community Survey
*** U.S. Census Bureau
**** Bureau of Labor Statistice