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Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Professionals within this career community bring the right combination of people and skillsets together to accomplish goals. Key skillsets for careers within this career community are having a strong understanding of people, ideas, management, organizational structure, finances and budgets in order to strategically influence others and create change. Positive attitudes, willingness to take risks, staying focused on the plan, and maintaining motivation to see it through are important qualities to success within Leadership & Entrepreneurship. Common tasks within these kinds of careers include planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and managing an organization.


Intentional Wandering Action Steps

Explore, Practice, ConnectCuriosity is the key to making the most of your college experience.  Intentional wandering within your career community provides focus and purpose to your collective experiences.  Explore, Practice and Connect in everything that you do.


Conduct informational interviews with people who manage others and who have started their own companies. Meet these professionals at networking and community events, online, and through people you already know. On campus, take time to learn from students who have proven their own leaderships skills on campus and off.  Prepare for your meeting by doing research into the company or organization they lead and compiling a list of at least 10 questions to learn about the positives and the negatives they’ve experienced.
Explore your career options by reviewing job descriptions and graduate program emphases early.  Prepare by compiling a list of companies of interest, create a marketable resume, practice interviewing, and talk with professionals within this career community.  For full-time positions, smaller companies tend to have shorter hiring turnarounds; whereas large corporations often begin recruiting in the fall semester and early spring semester, for May, August and December graduates. If you have chosen to pursue graduate education, you will begin applying for those programs at the very beginning of your final year.
This program, offered by the UA Career Development Center, will help you fully prepare for your career by walking you through the process of career and personal exploration.  You’ll learn resume and interview preparation and how to engage with professionals in your field.
One of the best things you can do is to “learn by doing.” In addition to an internship and work experience, find at least one experiential learning opportunity. This can include study abroad, volunteering, service learning projects, or substantial research projects. Find one that fits you.  
If there is a student organization directly related to your future career, join it. Also, consider joining any active student organization of interest in order to build budgeting, promotional, delegation and leadership experience.

Examples of Professions
Start-up Founder, Health Care Administrator, Nonprofit Director, Business Consultant, Small Business Owner, Project Manager, Chief Executive Officer, Elected Leadership (government and nonprofit), Manager in Training, etc.

Examples of Employers
Walmart, Tyson, JB Hunt, Schneider, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Compass Group, Total Quality Logistics, Cox Communication, City of Little Rock, Southwest Air, American Airlines, ModThink, and many local start-ups

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