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Licensed Helping Professions

Professionals with this career community help others within the medical, social work, legal and educational fields by earning a license that will enable them to practice within their field.  Licensed helping careers include doctors, physician's assistant, physical therapy, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, occupational therapy, dental hygiene, counseling and social workers, lawyers, and licensed elementary and secondary teachers.

Intentional Wandering Action Steps

Explore, Practice, ConnectCuriosity is the key to making the most of your college experience.  Intentional wandering within your career community provides focus and purpose to your collective experiences.  Explore, Practice and Connect in everything that you do.


Become knowledgeable on which courses are required or recommended for the license or professional program of interest. Explore your aptitude and interests in these classes.  Prepare for these careers by acknowledging how the skills and concepts learned in these classes relate to daily workings of your specific career.
Experiences outside of the classroom offer an opportunity to explore careers connected to your interest area; prepare for a career by gaining experience, and engage with professionals.  Examples include field observations, research projects, internships, part-time jobs, study abroad, volunteer work, or service learning classes. Also, prepare for a career in this career community by improving your understanding of national, international and local issues facing your profession.
This program, offered by the UA Career Development Center, will help you fully prepare for your career by walking you through the process of career and personal exploration.  You’ll learn resume and interview preparation and how to engage with professionals in your field.
Explore your career options by reviewing job descriptions and graduate school program requirements early.  Prepare by compiling your resume, writing cover letters and personal statements, practicing interviewing, and talking with professionals within this career community.  For many graduate programs and professional schools you will begin applying at the very beginning of your final year.
If there is a student organization directly related to your future career, join it so you can further explore the field and engage with other students and professionals interested in the area.
Find an internship related to this career community, and/or part-time or summer work experience.  Use internship experience to further explore the industry to determine whether it is a good fit for you.  Prepare for a career by gaining experience in the field. And engage with professionals you meet in your internship- capitalize on your time in the internship to conduct information interviews professionals in various departments.  

Examples of Professions
Physician, Psychologist, Attorney, High School Teacher, Physician Assistant, Dentist, Social Worker, Counselor, Physical Therapist, Optometrist, Pharmacist, Special Education, Occupational Therapist, etc

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