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Careers within The Academy focus on creating and disseminating original knowledge, and empowering others to achieve educational outcomes. To be successful within  your specific area of this career community, research your discipline and use your major, minor, electives, and personal development activities to develop a research agenda, curriculum vita and graduate school application that is worthy of the most elite graduate programs in your field.


Intentional Wandering Action Steps

Explore, Practice, ConnectCuriosity is the key to making the most of your college experience.  Intentional wandering within your career community provides focus and purpose to your collective experiences.  Explore, Practice and Connect in everything that you do.


Conduct informational interviews with faculty and staff in higher education institutions. Inquire about faculty members’ research, funding sources, hiring process, and campus politics.  Stay abreast of national and world-wide conversations through higher education publications and discipline-focused conferences.
Practice discipline-specific concepts outside the classroom through field camps, substantial research projects, internships, study abroad, volunteering, or service learning projects. During these experiences engage with professionals and articulate how you’re applying discipline-specific concepts to solve problems and accomplish tasks.
Tutor other students concepts that you have mastered.  Opportunities for tutoring and teaching positions can be found on campus through Class + and Athletics, but also off campus in community tutoring organizations (for-profit or non-profit).
Explore your career options by reviewing job descriptions and graduate program emphases early.  Prepare by compiling a list of companies of interest, create marketable curriculum vitas for each role, practice interviewing, and talk with professionals within this career community. If you have chosen to go to graduate school upon graduation, you will begin applying for those programs at the very beginning of your senior year.
Whether it is required by your major or not, it will be important to have a strong foundation in research within your discipline.  Learn what research faculty are doing on campus in your area of interest and approach them about assisting with research. Consider joining the Honors’ College.
If there is a student organization directly related to your discipline, join it. Also, consider joining any active student organization of interest in order to build leadership skills.  Utilize your time with the student organization to familiarize yourself with the policies governing national and campus organizations, professional conversations about your interest area, and developing connections in the community that are related to your interests.  Prepare for your career by tracking and articulating accomplishments made within the student organization.  

Examples of Professions
Professions include professor, college instructor, research associate, or college librarian.

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