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Professionals within The Creatives showcase their creative expression through various artistic forms, such as visual arts, creative writing, theatre, dance, and film. This career community requires strong skills in visual, literary, auditory and/or performing arts.


Intentional Wandering Action Steps

Explore, Practice, ConnectCuriosity is the key to making the most of your college experience.  Intentional wandering within your career community provides focus and purpose to your collective experiences.  Explore, Practice and Connect in everything that you do.


Conduct informational interviews with people who have successfully showcased their creative expertise. Meet these professionals at community arts events, online, on campus, and through people you already know. It will be important for you to have a social media presence. Explore where professionals connect with one another and engage with them by furthering the online conversation. Take advantage of the expertise found on campus, as well, by engaging with faculty and staff who are familiar with the artistic industry.
Find ways to practice your artistic craft outside of the classroom by competing in artistic competitions and showcases, internships, volunteering within artistic venues, service learning classes, work experiences managing people or artistic processes, and substantial research projects. Practice articulating your accomplishments and gather examples for your portfolio.
Whatever your artistic medium, it will be important to showcase your creative achievements. Collect and display your best work in a professional portfolio to show to other artists in your area and professionals in the field. These are often online and/or physical portfolios.
Explore your career options by reviewing job descriptions and graduate program emphases early. Prepare by compiling a list of organizations and/or schools of interest, create a marketable resume and portfolio, practice interviewing, and engage with professionals within this career community. Plan on starting the process of choosing full-time positions and applying during your senior year. Similarly, if you have chosen to go to graduate school first, you will begin applying for those programs at the very beginning of your senior year.
If there is a student organization directly related to your future career, join it. Also, consider holding a student organization leadership role in which you are practicing promotion tactics by serving as social media chair, marketing coordinator, etc.
Find an internship related to this career community and/or work experience either part-time or during the summer. Find businesses looking for creative people to promote their companies; look for art institutes who offer summer programs; identify art studios where you can showcase your art; teach within your artistic medium.


Examples of Professions
Graphic designer, UX Designer, Art Director, Musician, Actor, Artist in Residence, Stylist, Author, Illustrator, Producer, Director, Editor, Animator, Music Director, Teacher and many many more.

Examples of Employers
Arden Theatre Company, TheatreSquared, Community Music School, DreamWorks, Advertising companies such as Barkley, Saatchi & Saatchi and TracyLocke.

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If you have questions, start with your academic advisor in the Fulbright College Academic Advising Center or visit the Career Development Center.