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Employer Relations in the Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences works in tandem with the Career Development Center to connect students with career opportunities that will enrich their education and prepare them for the future.

What are Career Communities?

Career Communities are designed to help you explore various fields and feed the curiosity of your career possibilities. Be intentional about learning new skills and building experience through different career communities.

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Big Data, Energy and Innovation

Big Data, Energy & Innovation

Interpret and make meaning through numbers and sciences, and shape technological advances.

SECTORSBig Data Analytics / Oil & Gas / Alternative Energy Sciences / Computer Programming / Research & Development

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Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Lead groups and create organizational change.

SECTORS Management / Public Administration / Start-Ups / Small Business Owners / Nonprofit Directors

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Social Impact and Sustainability

Social Impact & Sustainability

Improve the quality of people’s lives.

SECTORS / Nonprofit Service / Government / Community Development / Nontraditional Education / Sustainable Farming & Business Practices / Law Enforcement

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Strategic Information and Media

Strategic Information & Media

Create messages and brands used around the world.

SECTORS / Marketing & Advertising / Public Relations / Graphic & Web Design / TV, Radio, Digital & Print Media / Policy / Sales

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The Creatives

The Creatives

Conveying meaning and ideas through a visual, written or performance form of creative expression.

SECTORS / Authors / Artists / Musicians / Actors / Designers

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Licensed Helping Professions

Licensed Helping Professions

Help others within the medical, education, social work, or legal fields.

SECTORS / Law / Medicine / Dentistry / Optometry / Social Work & Counseling / K-12 Teaching

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The Academy

The Academy

Research and teaching at the university level.

SECTORS / Professorship / Researchers / Librarians

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For Employers

Customize your engagement with thousands of Fulbright College Arts & Sciences students.

High Impact Engagement Opportunities:

For Students

Explore career paths and network with potential employers.

High Impact Career Opportunities:

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For Faculty

Integrate career preparedness activities in your courses.

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High Impact Learning Opportunities:

Check out where ARSC students are interning

Caroline Rook, Senior

Caroline Rook, Senior

Major: International Studies and Latin American Studies

Intern at International Justice Mission in Washington D.C.

Katie Burkhart, Junior

Major: Advertising/Public Relations

Intern at Blackhawk Digital Marketing in Austin, TX

Renita Wilkerson, Senior

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Intern at Hog Radio in Springdale, AR

Kristi Bradshaw, Senior

Major: Advertising/PR

Intern at PLA Media in Nashville, TN

Anna Thrash, Junior

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Intern at Arkansas Travelers in Little Rock, AR

Nancy Smith, Senior

Major: Advertising/PR

Intern for Senator John Boozman in Washington D.C.

Nikki Anderson, Sophomore

Major: Criminal Justice & Economics

Intern for Senator John Boozman in Washinton D.C.

Steven Sonntag, Senior

Major: German & Mechanical Engineering

Intern at BMW in Munich, Germany

Sarah Williams, Junior

Major: Geology

Intern at Beaver Watershed Alliance in Springdale, AR

Megan Rowe, Junior

Major: Biology

Intern at FDA NCTR in Jefferson, AR

Stephanie Galen, Junior

Major: French & Economics

Intern at The United States Foreign Commercial Service in Paris, France

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Erica Estes, Director of Employer Relations

Erica Estes, Director of Employer Relations