Develop your reputation through the stories you tell industry professionals, faculty, peers, alumni, and potential employers.

Venn Diagram

Note which skill sets you're using to learn in your classes and how can you use those same skills (not necessarily the facts you're learning) outside of the classroom; your courses are training you to think in ways that you can use in the workforce.


1. Use (or establish) your network. Identify a person currently working or who previously worked in the industry. 2. Contact the professional by telephone, email, or via social media. 3. Prior to your meeting, identify 10-15 questions about the industry you would like to ask. Visit here!

Utilize campus resources such as the Writing Studio to develop your introduction for jobs, scholarships and graduate programs.

Prepare how to describe your previous experiences to a potential employer by using the STAR method: Situation, Task, Action You Took, Result


Venn Diagram

Reflection of Self + Target Audience =

Type of story to create


Different Stories/Audiences

Use ePortfolios to tell your story.

Tailor the story of you for different audiences.

Use reflective writing to uncover your superpower - what is it, how did you acquire it, how do you use it, and what responsibilities come with it?

Use reflective writing to explore how you have overcome obstacles/barriers within yourself to locate your superpower.