Marvin Kay

Marvin Kay


J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences


Phone: 479-575-5446

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Marvin Kay did his undergraduate degree in anthropology at the University of Missouri and completed his Ph.D. at the University of Colorado in 1975. He has had a lifelong facination with prehistory and has participated in a variety of interdisciplinary projects that concern the Quaternary Period.

Dr. Kay's research interests are broadly based in human ecology and culture change. His most recent field research has been in the Crimea of the Ukraine. Working with an international consortium of prehistorians, Kay is assisting in the investigation of mainly Middle Paleolithic sites and complexes. Concurrent with this ongoing research are other studies of the Middle Missouri subarea of the Northern Plains of North America and technofunctional studies of stone tools from Paleoindian sites.

Ph.D. University of Colorado

Microwear analysis of some Clovis and experimental chipped stone tools. In Stone Tools: Theoretical Insights into Human Prehistory, edited by George H. Odell, pp. 315-344. Plenum Press, New York. (1996)

Imprints of ancient tool use at Monte Verde. In Monte Verde: A Late Pleistocene Settlement in Chile, Volume II: The Archaeological Findings, edited by Tom D. Dillehay. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, D.C. (in press).