R. Koeppe II

R. Koeppe II

Distinguished Professor, Biochemistry

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences

(CHBC)-Chemistry & Biochemistry

Phone: 479-575-4976

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Protein Engineering and Protein/Lipid Interactions

1971 A.B. Magna cum laude, with high honors in Chemistry, Haverford College

1976 Ph.D. Chemistry and Biochemistry, California Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

McKay, Matthew J.; Riqiang Fu; Denise V. Greathouse; and Roger E. Koeppe II (2019)  J. Phys. Chem. B 123, 8034-8047. Breaking the Backbone: Central Arginine Residues Induce Membrane Exit and Helix Distortions Within a Dynamic Membrane Peptide.  (cover feature) 

Afrose, Fahmida, Matthew J. McKay, Armin Mortazavi, Vasupradha Suresh Kumar, Denise V. Greathouse, and Roger E. Koeppe II (2019) Biochemistry 58, 633-645.  Transmembrane Helix Integrity versus Fraying to Expose Hydrogen Bonds at a Membrane-Water Interface.

Lipinski, Karli; Matthew J. McKay; Fahmida Afrose; Ashley N. Martfeld; Roger E. Koeppe II; and Denise V. Greathouse (2019) ChemBioChem XX, in press. Influence of Lipid Saturation, Hydrophobic Length and Cholesterol on Double-Arginine-Containing Helical Peptides in Bilayer Membranes.  

Kapoor, Ruchi, Thasin A. Peyear, Roger E. Koeppe II, and Olaf S. Andersen (2019) J. Gen. Physiol. 151, 342-356.  Antidepressants are modifiers of lipid bilayer properties. (cover feature)  

McKay, Matthew J., Ashley N. Martfeld, Anna De Angelis, Stanley J. Opella, Denise V. Greathouse, and Roger E. Koeppe II (2018) Biophys. J. 114, 2617-2629.  Control of Transmembrane Helix Dynamics by Interfacial Tryptophan Residues. 

McKay, Matthew J., Fahmida Afrose, Roger E. Koeppe II and Denise V. Greathouse (2018) BBA Biomembranes, 1860, 2108-2117.  Helix Formation and Stability in Membranes.

Lum, Kevin, Helgi I.Ingolfsson, Roger E.Koeppe, II, and Olaf S.Andersen (2017) Biophys. J. 113, 1757-1767.
Exchange of Gramicidin between Lipid Bilayers: Implications for the Mechanism of Channel Formation.

Martfeld, Ashley N., Denise V. Greathouse and Roger E. Koeppe II (2016) J. Biol. Chem. 291, 19146-19156. 
Ionization Properties of Histidine Residues in the Lipid-Bilayer Membrane Environment.

Mortazavi, Armin, Venkatesan Rajagopalan, Kelsey A. Sparks, Denise V. Greathouse, and Roger E. Koeppe II (2016) ChemBioChem 17, 462-465. 
Juxta-Terminal Helix Unwinding as a Stabilizing Factor to Modulate the Dynamics of Transmembrane Helices. 
Cover: <> . 

Thibado, Jordana K., Ashley N. Martfeld, Denise V. Greathouse and Roger E. Koeppe II (2016) Biochemistry 55, 6337-6343. 
Influence of High pH and Cholesterol on Single Arginine-Containing Transmembrane Peptide Helices. 


NSF Predoctoral Fellow, 1971-74

NIH Research Career Development Award, 1981-86

Fulbright America Scholar 1992 (Netherlands)

University of Arkansas Alumni Research Award 1992

Fulbright College Master Researcher Award 2000

Society of Sigma Xi John Imhoff Award 2013

Honors College Distinguished Faculty Award 2016