About the Department

Communication is a basic feature of human behavior and is fundamental to everyday life. Within the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Communication conducts research, teaches, and provides services to the University and to the community beyond.

We are committed to the contemporary study of human communication by bridging the humanities and social sciences. We have a long and proud heritage dating to 1891 when we were the Department of Elocution formed at the Arkansas Industrial University. Our name was changed to the Department of Communication in 1980.

Comm Faculty

Teaching and Scholarship

Teaching and scholarship in the Department focuses on the study of factors and processes related to symbolic messages in interpersonal, public, and mass communication settings. As such, the contexts of friendships and families, business relationships and political systems, cultural interaction, and technological advances are important areas of study in communication. If you are interested in the way people interact through the use of messages and symbols, you will find that the program in communication offers opportunities for scholarship and research. It’s a comprehensive program of study in three broad areas:

  1. Rhetoric and public communication
  2. Interpersonal, small group, and organizational communication
  3. Mass communication

Exceptional Faculty

In 2018, a panel of outside scholars reviewed the Department of Communication and determined that:

"The Department's greatest strength is its faculty. They are deeply committed to the department, the Fulbright College, the University, and especially to student success . . . They are highly productive scholars and strong teachers."

There are currently nineteen faculty members in the department. Our faculty members have regularly won awards for their teaching, research, and advising.