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Types and Areas of Giving


There are countless ways to support students, faculty, departments, and programs through your gifts. Some of the most common types and areas of giving include:


Supporting Funds for Excellence

Nearly 4,836 alumni and friends support Fulbright College through annual gifts to the college fund. We rely on annual philanthropy to provide immediate support to its departments, faculty, and students. These gifts create a significant fund that is an essential resource to the dean when addressing issues of increased student need and unbudgeted opportunities to promote faculty and student excellence. Every gift, regardless of size, helps grow a funding source that fuels the College’s daily mission and supports the Fulbright experience. 


To discuss a gift to Fulbright College, please contact:

The Office ofDevelopment & External Relations

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Transforming the College

Endowed gifts are held in perpetuity. When an endowment fund is created, the University of Arkansas Foundation invests the gift and forever provides the college or department with support for the specified purpose. The annual spending earnings from the gift’s investment amount to a specified percentage of the endowment value and are used on annual basis to support the fund specified purpose remaining interest income is added to the principal so the fund can grow over time and gain protection from inflation.

An endowed gift to Fulbright College demonstrates a long-term commitment to the college by creating a permanent fund to enhance some aspect of a Fulbright education. Endowed funds may be named in memory or recognition of the donor or the donor’s honoree.  Endowment types and levels ensure the specified purpose is adequately funded.  

  • Student Support - Privately endowed scholarship, assistantship and fellowship funds allow the college to annually award student aid based on merit or need.
  • Faculty Support - Endowed chairs and professorships provide funds that equip some of the college’s most accomplished or promising faculty with the resource they need to raise the level of academic excellence in Fulbright College.
  • Program Support - Program endowments fund research opportunities, curriculum development, internships, interdisciplinary work, experiential learning and academic enrichment, and are used at the discretion of the dean, the department chair or the program director.
  • Capital Support (non-endowed or endowed) – Private capital funding provides essential funds to renovate and maintain facilities on campus and keep lab, classroom, and performance space updated and equipped to meet the needs of a nationally competitive faculty and student body.

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Leaving a Permanent Legacy

Planned or deferred giving options often allow individuals to make more significant commitments than are possible through an outright gift to the college. Planned gifts also do not affect an individual’s cash flow and, in some cases, provide valuable benefits like tax deductions and personal income. Planned gifts can be revocable or irrevocable and include gifts through life insurance, retirement plans, wills or living trusts, charitable gift annuities, appreciated property and real estate.

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Supporting Our Mission with Your Brand

The college is dedicated to providing transformative education that equips faculty and alumni alike to enrich their communities and meaningfully contribute to industry through a variety of career paths. We recognize the important role that corporations and community foundations play in our success and in the development and support of our wider national and local communities.

Sponsorships in Fulbright College highlight corporate and foundation support and help underwrite quality educational, performance and research initiatives. In addition, sponsorship benefits offer businesses and organizations an opportunity to attain visibility with thousands of our patrons who participate in hundreds of on-campus engagements annually.

Sponsoring an initiative in the college is an outstanding way to associate your brand with the Fulbright legacy and with quality higher education. Most importantly, corporate and foundational support provides once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for aspiring student artists, scientists, writers and industry and world leaders.

To discuss a gift to Fulbright College, please contact:

The Office of Development & External Relations

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