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The Department of English at the University of Arkansas teaches students how to think critically, argue persuasively, and pursue fulfilling goals. We also prepare students to apply for competitive jobs as top communicators in a wide range of professional fields: education, journalism, law, research, the corporate sector, non-profit work, and creative writing, among others. See, below, the different programs our department offers, and feel free to e-mail us at for more information.


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B.A. in English

Choose one of our amazing B.A. concentrations: Creative Writing, Rhetoric and Writing Studies, or Topical. Majoring elsewhere but love English and Rhetoric classes? Then consider minoring in English or Rhetoric and Writing Studies!

M.A./Ph.D. in English

M.A./Ph.D. in English

While rigorous in terms of the level of research and scholarship they require, the M.A. and Ph.D. Programs in English also emphasize professionalization to prepare students for employment inside or outside of academia.


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Creative Writing & Translation

One of the nation’s oldest M.F.A. Programs, and one of the “Top Five Most Innovative” (The Atlantic Monthly), we offer degree tracks in Fiction, Poetry and Literary Translation.


Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing & Public Rhetorics

Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing & Public Rhetorics 

The Graduate Certificate is a  fully online, 12-credit-hour graduate program developed to meet the needs of working professionals and graduate students in Northwest Arkansas and beyond.




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Talk About Historical Stereotypes of and Counternarratives by U.S. Central Americans in Media (July 26, 2022)

Dr. Yajaira Padilla's new book,  From Threatening Guerrillas to Forever Illegals: US Central Americans and the Cultural Politics of Non-Belonging, was released in May by the University of Texas Press. In July, she gave a virtual talk and answered questions about her book as part of an event hosted by Yale University. 

Throgmorton Recognized by International Society as a Leader in Research Administration (July 11, 2022)

The recognition program highlights the up-and-comers of research administration, like alumna Molly Throgmorton (M.A. '11), demonstrating leadership among their peers and institutions in innovative ways that advance the field.

PRIDE Month: E. Lynn Harris (June 20, 2022)

E. Lynn Harris became well-known as a fiction writer, a gay man and a Razorback who returned to teach at the university after his novels and memoir saw phenomenal success.


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