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Graduate Student Colloquium: Minh Nguyen (University of Arkansas)
Yet two more proofs of The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra using differential topology
SCEN 604, Wednesday 2/12/20, 4:10pm


Topology Seminar: Jean Pierre Mutanguha (University of Arkansas)
Irreducible endomorphisms of free groups are hyperbolic
SCEN 322, Thursday 2/13/20, 9:30am


Analysis Seminar: Cody Stockdale (University of Arkansas)
A Different Approach to Endpoint Weak-type Estimates for CladerOn-Zygmund Operators
SCEN 322, Thursday 2/13/20, 11:30am


Algebra Seminar: Paolo Mantero (University of Arkansas)
SCEN 322, Friday 2/14/20, 2:00pm


Applied Mathematics Seminar: Dr. Feng Wang (University of Arkansas)
What happens when water is cooled quickly below freezing
SCEN 205, Friday 2/14/20, 4:00pm