The Department of Music offers a diverse array of musical experiences for both our students and our faculty musicians. Over the 2017-2018 academic year, Department faculty developed a partnership with Bentonville-based Haxton Road Studios to provide studio space for our musicians and giving our students access to educational resources. Through that partnership, Haxton Road received a Boston Class Steinway grand piano on extended loan from the University of Arkansas. The Department was then able to provide recording time for many of our ensembles with the best equipment available.

This exciting experience resulted in 38 recorded tracks: 200 minutes of music featuring over 150 students and 21 faculty members. The music includes large choirs, chamber music, jazz, R&B, and world music. Below you will find several of selections from the project. 


Student Musicians

Schola Cantorum | Stephen Caldwell, director

Inspirational Chorale | Jeffrey Murdock, director

UA Student Jazz Combo | Rick Salonen, director

Latin American Ensemble | Fernando Valencia, director

Flute Ensemble | Ronda Mains & Catalina Ortega, directors


RAZORBONES | Cory Mixdorf, director

Bassoon Ensemble | Lia Uribe, director

Ngo Khanh (guitar)

Alisa Jones (soprano)




Faculty musicians

Christopher MacRae (tenor) & Tomoko Kashiwagi (piano)

Er-Gene Kahng (violin), Miranda Baker (violin), Andrew Chu (viola), Dominic K. Na (cello)

Lia Uribe (bassoon), Miroslava Panayotova (piano), Fernando Valencia (percussion)

Eric Troiano (saxophone)

S. Michael Shuman (baritone/piano)

Moon-Sook Park (soprano) & Ann Rye (piano)

Catalina Ortega (flute) & Miroslava Panayotova (piano)

Fernando Valencia (tumbadoras), Florencia Zuloaga (piano), Andrew Thompson (violin)

Arkansas Brassworks | Richard Rulli (trumpet), Chase Teague (trumpet),
Timothy Tomphson (horn), Cory Mixdorf (trombone), Benjamin Pierce (tuba)

UA Faculty Jazz | Rick Salonen (saxophone), Jake Hertzog (guitar), Joon Park (piano), Drew Packard (bass), Chris Teal (drums)


UNZAA | Nikola Radan (flutes), Jake Hertzog (guitar), Stephen Caldwell (piano),
Joon Park (keyboard), Matt Mihalka (bass), Fernando Valencia (percussion)