Financial Aid and Assistantships

Assistantships are available on a semester by semester basis for a maximum of four semesters. Assistants spend approximately 20 hours per week helping faculty members with research and other tasks. The assistant must consult with assigned faculty on a regular basis and complete tasks on a timely basis. The majority of our assistantships are teaching assistantships (TAs will be mentored in the semester prior to their beginning to teach their classes).

Recipients are given stipends and most fees are remitted. Successful applicants are required to maintain at least a 3.00 grade point average and avoid an incomplete. Admission to the graduate program is necessary before a student can be considered for an assistantship. Applications for assistantships typically outnumber awards by a large margin.

Please contact Dr. Pat Conge for more details. For our formal application, select our Graduate Assistantship Application.


The Middle East Studies program also provides separate graduate assistantships for students interested in studying this region as part of their M.A. program. Application deadline for assistantships is typically around February 1 of each year.

Hugh T. Henry Award and Scholarship

In 1989 the M.P.A. Program instituted a yearly scholarship in honor of the former M.P.A. Director, Hugh T. Henry. This scholarship is based on a generous contribution from Mrs. Hugh T. Henry and friends of the M.P.A. Program. This scholarship carries a cash award and a special recognition at the annual University Honors Ceremony.

The M.P.A. Program also grants, on a yearly basis, the Hugh T. Henry outstanding M.P.A. Student Award. This award carries a cash prize and special recognition at the annual University Honors Ceremony.

ACMA Scholarship

During the Arkansas City Management Association's fall meeting, a generous stipend award of $1,000 goes to a deserving student pursuing a career in local government.

Minority Fellowships

The University offers the Benjamin Franklin Lever Graduate Tuition Fellowship to new or continuing minority graduate students who show potential. For further information contact the Graduate School.

Other Forms of Financial Assistance

From time to time, other forms of financial assistance may be available to students in the M.A. and M.P.A. programs. These might include grants that faculty members have received that require the assistance of a graduate student. Other job opportunities are often available on campus. Some student loan programs are also open to graduate students. Students should inquire at the Graduate School about these sources of assistance.