Italian at the UofA

Why Study Italian at the U of A?

Italy has long been associated with literature, the arts, history and politics. Students who choose to study Italian will be exposed to Italy's cultural heritage and to the many facets of contemporary Italian culture. Italian is relevant for students specializing in the arts and humanities, international relations, the social and political sciences, business, education, as well as design and cuisine. The Italian program offers a curriculum designed to develop skills in reading, writing and speaking. To enhance students' ability to communicate in Italian, we use a student-centered, proficiency-oriented approach, rather than the more traditional lecture approach.

Did you know that Italian is a language of mathematics and the physical sciences? Just look at work by Fermi, Marconi, and Galileo among others.

Pisa, Italy

Study Abroad Opportunities

The University of Arkansas offers summer and semester-long study abroad opportunities in Italy. For example, Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences offers a summer program in Rome, while Walton College of Business offers a semester-long program in Paderno in partnership with the University of Kansas. The University’s Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange can help students choose the course that’s right for them. For more information, please visit:

Outside the Classroom

Students of Italian also have opportunities to use their new skills outside the classroom. The Italian club, Circolo Italiano, is a great opportunity to meet other Italian speakers on campus and to practice newly acquired Italian skills. The meetings are open to students, faculty, staff, and members of the community with an interest in all things Italian. Planned activities vary from Italian card games and cooking, to informal chats and study sessions. A multi-lingual speech contest is also held each spring and gives students a chance to demonstrate their abilities and compete with other Italian learners.

There is also the option to attend the Tavola Italiana, the weekly Italian conversation hour. Come by, order a coffee, and chat with us in Italian! All levels are encouraged to attend, as well as members of the community.

Interested in Italian?

For more information, look at Minor Requirements,  Course Listings, and Study Abroad.