Scholarships are available to Fulbright College students through university, college, department, and external sources. Students are encouraged to explore these funding sources that provide pathways to new experiences at the university and abroad.

Every student possesses unique talents, aspirations, and potential for success. Scholarships are not just reserved for a select few and aren't solely based on grades or financial need. Instead, we believe scholarships are an investment in individuals with the determination to make a positive impact. We encourage all students to apply.



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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a current student, how do I apply for Fulbright College Scholarships?

You can apply for all college scholarships at once by submitting the general scholarship application.

I am an incoming freshman, how do I apply for scholarships? 

To be considered for academic scholarships, you must first apply for admission, and submit all transcripts and test scores by November 1st. Then, students should complete the online scholarship application and submit required supplemental materials by the November 15th priority scholarship deadline. Students who miss the November 15th deadline may apply until February 1st for consideration as funds allow. 

If  you are an incoming freshman and after completing the general scholarship application, you are directed to complete the incorrect college scholarship application for your major contact the Office of Admissions. They will make the change of major in order for you to complete the correct college scholarship application.

When should I apply by?

The submission period begins on January 1st and ends on Febuary 15th at midnight

When will I be notified that I have recieved a Fulbright College Scholarship?

All students should recieve confirmation through their university email of any scholarship awards by June 1st. You will need to fill out an acceptance form and complete a donor thank you letter for these funds to be distributed. 


For more information on the application process, visit the Academic Scholarship Office's student reminder homepage.

Giving Thanks


Every year members of our Fulbright College Family are sharing expressions of gratitude, letters of thanks and their appreciation for those who have helped make their educational journey possible. 

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Betsy Bushmiaer

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