Student Groups

Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE), Alpha Sigma |

Faculty Advisor | Dr. Christa Hestekin (Chemical Engineering)|

Student Leader | David May |

Alpha Chi Sigma is a professional fraternity, drawing its membership from chemists and those in allied sciences, including chemical engineering, biochemistry, biological engineering, food science, agronomy, biology, metallurgy, polymer science, materials science, textiles, and petroleum engineering.

The fraternity may initiate faculty members and qualified students who are pursuing a professional degree. Membership has a minimum scholastic requirement and is elected by secret ballot. 

Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), Premedical Honors Society

AED encourages and recognizes excellence in premedical scholarship. They seek to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of premedical education; to promote communication between medical and premedical students; and to use its resources to benefit organizations,charities and the community. There is a listserv for all premedical students. The Web site contains a list of up coming events, officer information, information sheets for people who are applying to medical school.

To be officially inducted into the society, you must have completed at least 45 hours and have at least a 3.2 GPA. Inductions occur in the spring, usually a student's sophomore year. You do not have to be an officially inducted member in order to participate in any and all of the activities.

Chemistry Club

Student President | Nicole Hooten |

The chemistry club encourages and helps new students get involved in research and create bonds with STEM peers.

Co-SIGN (College Student Interest Group in Neurology)

This chapter of Co-SIGN was created to serve as an interdisciplinary student organization with the purpose of exploring the brain from medical, physiological, philosophical, and psychological perspectives. Our ultimate goal is to create a "neuro-niche" at the University of Arkansas where students can learn and discuss the underlying mechanisms and characteristics of the brain that accompany their formal education.  As an interdisciplinary organization, we welcome all students and majors to join and participate in our special events and monthly meetings.

Pre-Pharmacy Society

Faculty Advisors | Suresh Kumar & Lorraine Brewer  |,

Student President | Abigail Parker |

Pre-Pharmacy Society coordinates and promotes communications between pre-pharmacy students, stimulates interest in matters pertaining to pharmacy, and prepares its members for admission to the College of Pharmacy.

Materials Research Society (MRS) , University Chapter

Faculty Advisors | Ryan Tian (CHBC) and Morgan Ware (EE)

A MRS University Chapter is a fun and exceptionally valuable experience. Hosting events, creating special projects and connecting with experts from around the world prepares st;udents for future professional and leadership roles in the materials community. The University Chapter can also play a vital role in bringing science to a broader audience. The goal is to successfully bring research out of the laboratory and into the classroom and to the general public to show how materials have changed our history and continue to shape our future.

Electrochemical Society (ECS), Student Chapter

Faculty Advisors | Ingrid Fritsch and Martin Edwards |

The mission of an ECS student chapter is to provide students the opportunity to foster a greater understanding as well as promote electrochemical and solid-state science and technology amongst its peers, to further enhance their professional development and to enrich their academic experience.