Geospatial Certificates

You may already be a geospatial professional, interested in expanding your knowledge and skill set, or you may be new to the field, interested in joining one of the fastest growing areas of technology. The US Department of Labor has defined geospatial technologies as one of three major technology growth areas. Geospatial technologies are becoming central skills in environmental, energy, agribusiness, marketing, logistics, local, county, state and federal government and many other professions.

In collaboration with University of Arkansas Global Campus, the Department of Geosciences offers an undergraduate Certificate of Proficiency in Geospatial Technologies as well as (new beginning Fall 2016) a Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Technologies.

Six online courses (in both graduate and undergraduate versions) that support these two certificates are taught by Dr. Mohamed Aly, Dr. Jack Cothren, and Dr. Jason Tullis, all affiliated the University of Arkansas Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies.

* GEOS 3543/5543 - Geospatial Applications and Information Science
* GEOS 3553/5553 - Spatial Analysis Using ArcGIS
* GEOS 3013/5043 - Foundations of Geospatial Data Analysis
* GEOS 3103/5073 - Geospatial Technologies Computational Toolkit
* GEOS 3563/5083 - Geospatial Data Mining
* GEOS 3593/5593 -  Introduction to Geodatabases
A complete list of geographic information science (GIScience) and technology courses (both online and on campus) and associated faculty at University of Arkansas can be found here.