Chinese at the UofA

Why study Chinese at the UofA?


Our Chinese Program focuses on preparing students for careers in international business and trading - we offer a Chinese Minor with a Business ConcentrationPeople with a grasp of China’s language, culture and society are very much in high demand. In fact, many top business schools in the nation want students to have some familiarity with Chinese culture and customs. Regardless of your academic pursuits while here at the UofA, you'll no doubt find find that a degree in Chinese will give you an edge when looking for jobs after graduation. 

We pride ourselves in creating an environment for our students that fosters growth and comfortability in spoken Chinese. Our student-centered approach puts language proficiency first so that our students can graduate with a solid speaking ability. There are also a number of Chinese organizations on campus that serve as platforms for interaction with native Chinese students - this promotes learning outside the classroom of both the Chinese language and Chinese culture. Our faculty encourages and facilitates student participation in events throughout the year. 


Hua (Jenny) Xu - Section Head of the Chinese Program


Danjie Su, PhD. - Assistant Professor of Chinese

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Li Yang - Instructor of Chinese



"Professor Xu has been my teacher for 3 years now and gets better with each semester. She makes learning Chinese fun and I love coming to class. She's the best and this class is well organized and the material is relevant for learning spoken Chinese."

"I absolutely love this class and Dr. Su! Her methods are carefully thought out and very thorough. Exceptional teacher! I feel like I have been given something that goes beyond academics and will follow me for the rest of my life."

"I also am impressed that Dr. Xu also works with her students individually, according to their needs, to ensure that the teaching is actually tailored to those needs, thus allowing each student to get maximum benefit from the course."

"Yang Laoshi is my favorite teacher. She makes me enjoy the class and want to go to class. She is a not only my teacher, but my friend. Even when this class is over, I will still be going by her office to talk with her. #myfavorite"


"Dr. Su is easily one of the best professors I've had. She really rose to the occasion in undertaking this new realm of all online classes. I enjoyed the structure of the class and felt like I was challenged to grow in my knowledge."

"I visited China recently and returned with a new appreciation for the language, I even added International Business to my minor in an effort to take as many Chinese classes as I can before I graduate. I learned SO MUCH, I may not be the best at it yet, but my enthusiasm in learning the language has grown."

"Ms. Yang is a terrific teacher! She makes learning a second language which can be scary and intimidating fun and exciting! She truly cares about her students and is very cheerful and energetic!"

"The Chinese department as a whole has been one of the most supportive entities for me at the U of A."

Courses Listings for the UofA Chinese Program

Elementary courses stress correct pronunciation, Aural comprehension, and simple speaking ability, and lead to active mastery of basic grammar and limited reading ability.

Intermediate courses lead to greater facility in spoken language and to more advanced reading skills.

Continues to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and presents more complex forms and structures of the language as well as additional characters. Prerequisite: CHIN 2013.

A course based on film and readings designed to give insight into Chinese civilization and culture with special emphasis on ethnicity, modern history, contemporary society, education, language, customs, and visual arts. This course is taught in English. May be repeated for up to 6 hours of degree credit.

Introduction of Chinese vocabulary, formats, and expressions in business environments, such as company structures, management, banking and accounting, as well as how to read and write contracts, letters, and other business documents. Prerequisite: CHIN 3003 or equivalent Chinese proficiency.

Elementary courses stress correct pronunciation, Aural comprehension, and simple speaking ability, and lead to active mastery of basic grammar and limited reading ability.

Continued development of basic speaking comprehension and writing skills and intensive development of reading skills.

Guided conversation practice for the post-intermediate student. Prerequisite: CHIN 2013 or equivalent.

Introduction of key principles, customs, and behaviors in Chinese society to help students understand the Chinese business context. This course is taught in English.


Professional & Academic Opportunities for Chinese Speakers

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“Knowing Chinese is an asset. It is important for individuals to know about various experiences so that we can learn from one another. The world we live in needs people who are sensitive to other cultures. Knowing Chinese adds a lot to a person’s profile. Being able to speak Chinese can open so many doors."

- Hua (Jenny) Xu, Head of the UofA Chinese Program


Recommended Study Abroad for Students of Chinese

To apply for any any study abroad program during your time at the University of Arkansas, contact the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange. They will help you with all the logistics of going abroad and will help you choose between faculty-led and external study abroad programs in Chinese-speaking countries. They also have a great resource for scholarships and funding options.

For more information on the content of any of these programs, you are welcome to contact the Chinese faculty. They are familiar with many of the programs you might be interested in. 

Programs Administered by the UofA

We recommend our own faculty-led programs for a number of reasons:

  1. You get to travel with at least one UofA faculty member while taking classes abroad. This is a great chance to get to know your professors and fellow students at the UofA. When you return to campus, you will have a very meaningful common experience to share with other students and instructors.
  2. These programs happen over the summer, so they're often great choices for students' first study abroad experience, and for students wanting to study abroad without disrupting the regular academic year.
  3. From the get-go, you travel with a group of folks "from home." There's a support network there for you from day one.
  4. Don't like so much paperwork? Take advantage of earning UofA credit with the need for transfer credit.

intensive mandarin in china faculty led program

Other Recommended Programs

Besides the great programs that are administered by the UofA, our Chinese faculty recommend these study abroad options for students. Participation in these particular programs focus on fluency in Chinese and are highly renowned.

beijing chinese language and culture university

harvard summer chinese program

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Although there is sometimes no language requirement to participate in some of these programs, speaking Chinese will amplify and enrich your study abroad experience.

With some familiarity with the language, you'll be better able communicate with the locals and will have a deeper understanding of their culture.


Chinese at the UofA Outside the Classroom

Whether you're interested in Chinese culture or you want to get some extra practice speaking Chinese, there are a ton of ways to connect with the Chinese-speaking community on campus. Several Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) on campus that come together often for a variety of cultural Chinese events. Annually they throw a celebration of the Chinese New Year that draws a huge crowd, but throughout the year they have smaller events such as food festivals, guest lectures and seasonal parties.

The Chinese Language & Culture club meets up to plan upcoming events.

 clcc meets up

Chinese Language Lab

For over five years Professor Xu has been regularly hosting the Chinese Language Lab on Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch hours. 

It offers a comfortable environment for students and allows them to receive one-on-one assistance. It also offers support to those who desire to strengthen their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.  

“I just simply want to help my students. I often have to pass up a few lunch dates with my husband and colleagues but it is definitely worth it... my goal is to meet my students where they are and encourage them to move further.”

- Professor Xu

Chinese Student Organizations on Campus

These groups connect Chinese students of every level and native speakers across the UofA campus. They help members practice the language in a fun environment and network with people outside of the normal classroom experience.

chinese language culture club

Chinese Language and Culture Club (CLCC)

Download their flyer for more info

chinese students and scholars association

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

Connect with them on Facebook


Interested in Studying Chinese at the UofA?

For more information about the Chinese Program, contact Professor Xu.