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Welcome to Fulbright College Academic Services! 


New Transfer Student?  Follow the steps on our New Transfer website.

Fulbright College Advising Services has an advisor on call each weekday.  Sign-in at the Welcome Desk in the CORD or call 479-575-4801 to be added to the waitlist.

Upcoming On-Call Advising Times

Note: During New Student Orientation, advisors will spend most of each day working with our Incoming Freshmen Students, so there will be limited availability for On-Call Advising.

Monday (6/17) - Friday (6/28): 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM


Looking for Honors Advising?

Please visit the Fulbright Honors website for advising options.


Starting in Fall 2024, the University of Arkansas course number will change to a new format, with an extra digit.  While most course numbers will be very similar, some may change completely.  

More information here. 

Note: Summer 2024 course numbrs will remain the same.


 Changing out of Fulbright?

This guide can help schedule with an advisor from another college.