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New Course Numbers

Starting in Fall 2024, all course numbers will be changing from four digits to five.  As this transition happens, not all documents will be updated to the new numbers immediately.  The Registrar's Office has a handy tool for looking up the new numbers.  Below you will find a link to the tool and two guides (PDF and Video) for using that tool to find the new course number.





Watch this great video for how to enroll in classes:


UA Connect Help Guides:

 Many other UA Connect Help Guides can be found here.


Scheduling an Appointment with your Advisor

Check out this guide!

Schedule Troubleshooting:

How to Request an Override Chart

  • If a class is full, first determine if it is a course that you must have (not just want) to stay in a sequence for your major.  If so, use the above override chart to see how to request an override.  
  • Move on to other recommendations from your advisor.  
  • Use your degree audit to see other requirements.
  • Advisors cannot override you into full-classes.
  • Online courses are designed for students in online-only majors.  However, a select few seats are available for on-campus majors.
  • You can see if the course is for online-only or on-campus students through the Class Notes.
  • There are no overrides into sections reserved for online-only majors.
  • Remaining seats in the online-only major sections may be released to on-campus majors on the Friday before classes begin (typically mid-day), but that is not a guarantee.  If those seats are released, it will be through the sections for on-campus students.


Below are some common holds and how to release them.

This means that you need to work with your advisor to plan your courses.  Instructions on how to schedule an appointment with your advisor are on our main page

This means that you need to complete the Financial Agreement in your To-Do list in UA Connect.  More information here.  

This means that you need to submit your immunization records to the Pat Walker Health Center.  More information here.  

Contact the Treasurer's Office for more information. 

Complete the Title IX training in your Blackboard account.  This can take an hour or more to complete.  After you complete the training, send your certificate to  If you run into issues, contact the for assistance.

If you click on the hold, you should get more information on how to remove that hold. 

Fulbright College
Academic Program Update Form
Now Online!

You can now add, drop, or modify your degree plan by completing our online form and responding to the confirmation email.

Do you need more hours for scholarships?  Add a  Second 8-Week courses.  It is a good way to add an hour or two to your schedule.  Instructions found here.

You can change/add/drop a Fulbright major or minor by completing the online program update form.  For majors/minors in other University of Arkansas Colleges, please contact those advising offices.

Your degree audit is a very useful tool that can help you stay on track with your degree.  You can view your degree requirements, your cumulative & major GPA, and what a different major/minor would look like.  You can view more information about your degree audit here.

This message means the section in which you are trying to enroll is designated for a certain group of students. Most often you will see this message for class that has both graduate and undergraduate students. Be sure that the class you are adding says "career: undergraduate" in the UAConnect course detail. Speak with the department offering the course for more information or to ask for an exception.

This message means that the instructor is looking for students that meet predetermined criteria and that you must get permission from the course instructor to take the class. If there is no instructor listed, then contact the department. For example, if it is a COMM course you will contact the Communication Department.

This message means that the department is looking for students that meet predetermined criteria and that you must get permission from the academic department offering the course before you can add it in UAConnect. For example, if you try to enroll in a sociology (SOCI) course with department consent, you will need to contact the Sociology Department to request permission to enroll. 

A "V" at the end of a course means it is a variable credit. You will need to determine the number of hours granted for the course by looking in the class notes on UAConnect or you can verify the number of hours by contacting the instructor directly.

  1. you can add one of the alternative courses suggested by your advisor
  2. you can search for open courses in UAConnect to be used as an elective

For Fulbright College, an elective course is any course used to meet graduation requirements that are over and above what you need for your core, or courses not used to fill major requirements.  In Fulbright College, all students need a minimum of 120 hours of degree credit to earn a bachelor’s degree.  General electives are needed when your requirements for all majors, minors, and the core do not add up to at least 120 hours. 

There are several ways to expand and limit your search in UAConnect for courses. Here are some of the most common:

  1. If you know the department for which you want to search, enter the course subject only. Leave everything else blank.
  2. If you know the level of elective you need, such as 3000 or higher, limit your course number to "greater than or equal to" and enter "3000" in the search box.  
  3. You can use the additional search criteria to search by time, instructor, keywords, or other attributes such as number of credit hours. 

A ‘C’ means that the course has both a lecture and a “drill” component.  The course will meet on certain days/times for lecture, just like any other course, and will also have the drill which will be one of the following depending on the course: 

  1. a separate, smaller section of the class that meets once a week at a set time,
  2. the online component for the course, or
  3. a specific time reserved in your schedule during which exams will be held.

This semester, all students have a hold in UAConnect called a "Pre-Registration Hold", which will prevent you from enrolling in summer and fall classes. To get this hold removed, just log in to your UAConnect, and complete the "Summer/Fall Financial Agreement" located in the notifications tile on your student homepage. It just takes a couple of minutes, and the hold is automatically removed.


The quick answer is yes, but only certain sections.

Online courses are divided into two sections, one for on-campus majors (typically have an odd section number like 901, 903, etc.) and one for online-only majors (typically have an even section number like 902, 904, etc.).  You can also see that information in the class notes for each section.  

While we make every effort to have quick availability, Fulbright College has the most students on campus.  During priority registration time (and the weeks leading up to it), advisors can book up weeks at a time.  The best strategy is to come in well before your registration time opens.  We see students year round, so planning can happen at any time.  



The Fulbright Advising Center is constantly striving to improve, which is why we now have the advising lab available to assist with immediate needs.  You may also email your advisor questions.


If your registration time opens, and you have not seen your advisor, do not delay your registration.  Use your degree audit, but still come or email your advisor.  You can always change things after your advising appointment.

Check out these helpful documents and instruction guides found here.

Check out Class+, which is a centralized hub for tutoring, academic coaching, supplemental instruction, and writing support.