Laurent Bellaiche

Laurent Bellaiche

Distinguished Professor

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences


Phone: 479-575-6425

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Professor Bellaiche's primary interests are the prediction, design and optimization of properties of semiconductors and ferro electric materials. He uses state-of-the-art band-structure methods to study electronic, structural, optical, dielectric and piezoelectric properties.

Professor Bellaiche's primary interests mainly lie in developing and/or using direct first-principles methods, first-principles-based techniques and semiempirical approaches to calculate properties of ferroelectrics, semiconductors, magnetic compounds and low dimensional systems.

Modern computational and simulation methods can provide the fundamental understanding needed for progress in applied fields such as semiconductor technology, piezoelectric devices, and material science. As a result, significant advances in the design and the optimization of properties of complex systems can now be achieved.

Twenty-First Century Professorship in Nanotechnology and Science Education


Ph.D. University of Paris (France), 1994.

Teaching and Research Associate, University of Paris (France), 1994-1995.

Post-doctoral Fellow, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (CO), 1995-1997.

Research Associate, Rutgers University (NJ), 1997-1998.