Bret Darby Lehmer

Bret Darby Lehmer

Assistant Professor

J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences


Phone: 479-575-2506

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2015-present -- Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas

2012-2015 -- Research Associate, Johns Hopkins University/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

2009-2012 -- Einstein Fellow, Johns Hopkins University/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

2007-2009 -- Science and Technology Facilities Council Fellow (STFC), Durham University

My research group uses multiwavelength observations to study how populations of accreting neutron stars and black holes (including X-ray emitting binary stars and active galactic nuclei) evolve throughout the history of the Universe along with their host galaxies.  My work makes extensive use of rich data sets (e.g., from Chandra, NuSTAR, XMM, Hubble, Spitzer, GALEX, Herschel, ALMA, KPNO, and the VLT) covering a diversity of extragalactic objects including, e.g., samples of nearby galaxies to large surveys of 10,000s of cosmologically distant galaxies.  

I am a core member of a few large collaborations, including:

* The Chandra Deep Field-South collaboration

* The Chandra Deep Protocluster Survey

* The NuSTAR Starburst Galaxy Science Team

* The X-ray Galaxies Group

My research has expanded our understanding of how X-ray binary (XRB) populations vary in galaxies over a range of physical conditions (e.g., star-formation activity and chemistry), how these XRB populations changed throughout the history of the Universe as galaxies aged and changed physically, and how supermassive black holes in the most massive galaxies grew early in the cosmic timeline as large-scale structures took shape. 

ASTR 2003 - Survey of the Universe

ASTR 4013/5013 - Astrophysics

2007 -- PhD, Penn State University

2002 -- B.S., University of Iowa

An up-to-date list of publications can be found here.