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Douglas A. Behrend

Douglas A. Behrend

Department Chair and Professor

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences


Phone: 479-575-4256

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My students and I currently have several active lines of research:

Children's understanding of privileged information

Monolingual and bilingual children's preferences for speakers (accented vs. unaccented, monolingual vs. bilingual)

Children's understanding of ownership.


PSYC 3093:  Developmental Psychology

PSYC 4283:  Advanced Seminar

PSYC 5013:  Advanced Developmental Psychology

Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1986 

Scofield, J., & Behrend, D. (2007). Two-year-olds Differentially Disambiguate Novel Words and Facts. Journal of Child Language34, 875-889.

Scofield, J., Williams, A., & Behrend, D. (2007). Word learning in the absence of a speaker. First Language27, 297-311.

Scofield, J., & Behrend, D. A. (2008).  Learning words from reliable and unreliable speakers. Cognitive Development,23, 278-290.

Scofield, J., & Behrend, D.A. (2011).  Clarifying the role of joint attention in early word learning.  First Language, 31, 326-341.

Behrend, D.A., & Girgis, H. (2015).  On a need-to-know basis:  Young children's distinction between conventional and privileged       information.   Manuscript under review.

Byers-Heinlein, K., Behrend, D. A., Said, L. M., Girgis, H., & Poulin-Dubois, D. (2015).  Monolingual and Bilingual children's preferences for monolingual versus bilingual speakers.  Manuscript under review.